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In this video, I am looking for naturally occurring clay. I will show you the process of how I process it for pottery

I know you are here because you wanted to know about finding clay and processing it. But it would be a great support if you see my recent video and extend your support as well. I believe I am making better videos and come up a long way. Please extend you support guys!

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2.25 to see making of plasterboard
3.36 to get back to clay processing

Please watch: “Smartphone video stabilizer everyone MUST have”


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33 Responses

  1. Atul Singh Rathore says:

    Ths vido is –

  2. Ali Jaffery says:

    Now I just need to find a 6ft construction site….

  3. David Edwards says:

    are you an alien?

  4. Steven Hanson says:

    please remove the background "music".

  5. Rob S says:

    Great tutorial Thank you. The Music though made it very hard to hear you.

  6. Chinky Singh says:


  7. bumble bee says:

    Man bhar gaya ki hamara desh youtube ke saari platform mein expand ho raha hein.i like your videos pretty sure your channel is the first desi channel on wild stuff.very soon your channel is going to boom.
    Jai bharat.

  8. Rajiv T A says:

    Good work

  9. Newfie Ingenuity says:

    Is this a special jute bag for processing clay or will any jute bag do?

  10. Felix Luck says:

    please get rid of the horrible introduction. far too loud, and it caused me to give my first dislike ever.

  11. Twilight Gardens presentations says:

    a lil cluttered but the info was pure and dense

  12. Sana 19114 says:

    It is very useful for science exhibition to make a volcano

  13. Christiane Miller says:

  14. Peter Stainforth says:

    Durka durka durrr

  15. sahil une says:

    dont worry about the audio it is very nice

  16. Lily Cooper says:

    Is it possible to find clay by a lake in a mining town

  17. England is my city says:

    i was watching a primitive technology video and i was wondering where he finds his clay lol

  18. VIDEO EPPO says:

    Hello folks, Hope you liked this video. Please watch my latest video, and leave a feedback. Its been two years since i am posting videos and would like to know how am i doing now?.

  19. Sunil Dhanessar says:

    I saw primitive technology

  20. Mother Earth Balance/ El Buen Estar/aka Sky says:

    nice… do u have any vids on prepare and making a clay pot for water storage? after pot is finished how do i dry it before i use it for water

  21. Walter Joe Moore says:

    I learned what I wanted to know and thank you for presenting it in a straight forward process.

  22. lolsborn says:

    Can you explain more what the plaster board was for? I don't really understand why you went through all the trouble of making it.

  23. Cal Skinz says:

    Great video! I hadn't even thought to look at construction sites.

  24. slum squad says:

    Great video! What's the song?

  25. VIDEO EPPO says:

    Check this video Guys

  26. Back Up says:

    Are you Muslim or black? make up your mind!

  27. dway kin says:

    I have to confess i had a hai buddy buddy racist moment. Am I doomed to the abyss? Either way great video. Thank you kindly for the info I have seen the processing but not how to make a plasterboard in the other vids.

  28. Zaku186 says:

    very helpful video. nice work.

  29. VIDEO EPPO says:

    The top layer of spoil which gets cracked while drying after water logging is usually some sort of clay. I once collected these when they where semi dry. I just carefully scrapped a thin layer from top… discarded it for impurities, then scrapped the middle layers and collected them. May be we can try out the same method by digging a large hole in the ground. then its walls could be lined up with some solid layer of clay which doesn't need to be very clean. Once its dry, light up fire inside it it make it hard. Now this be used as a bowl to stir the clay water. Water would get soaked inside and also dry up. Heavier particle would settle at the bottom. We can sort of, make clay this way.

  30. This account got Hacked says:

    clay are weird

  31. Brekyn King says:

    Is there any way that you can process the clay by only using primitive tools?

  32. Evan Lambson says:

    this deserves more likes!

  33. VIDEO EPPO says:

    In this video I am looking for naturally occurring clay. I will show you the process of how I process it for pottery

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