How to Get Earthy Green Tones in Lightroom – Lightroom Editing Guide

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A short guide on how to get earthy and deep green tones in Adobe Lightroom. This is super easy to do, and can give your photos a classic vintage look!

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Lightroom presets:

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15 Responses

  1. Erwan Compes says:

    Great video mate, thank you!

  2. Marcello Balzaretti says:

    I really like your video and style although I found the audio volume of your video too low. It was hard to understand what you where saying with the speaker of my laptop.

  3. Prizzilla says:

    Thanks for this! I had to subscribe because you helped me figure out how to fix my greens I’ve been having trouble with.

  4. lev khay says:

    Great video.

  5. Melissa Hall says:

    Thank you

  6. Emory By Land says:

    Dude, thanks so much for this video. I've struggled with HSL and finding the right tones and you've found a way to simplify it for me. Thanks a ton!

  7. 10ACITY says:

    Your watermark on this video clashes with your YouTube watermark. Why not just use one or the other?

  8. Gem Photography says:

    awesome help thank you 🙂

  9. Romelia Polly says:

    I can make it myself. Just got instructions from Woodprix website and I'm ready for do it 😀

  10. Bradley Farquharson says:

    Great vid man! I'm gonna go sub now.

  11. Boris Morales says:

    Dude, your videos are awesome!!! Im a photographer too, and i really like everything you said. You got a new fan from Colombia, South America;)

  12. Denny Daniel says:

    great stuff!

  13. xxymena1973 says:

    Thank you Soan for sharing!

  14. Ashok Singh says:

    love this video…. hop to see more of tutorial

  15. Robin Wood says:

    Thanks so much for this!!!!

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