How to Grow Corn – Complete Growing Guide

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Want to grow amazing corn at home and have it be 100% organic? Then this episode will help with that! Corn is our favorite summer vegetable and one that is so easy to grow!

Corn harvesting video:
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25 Responses

  1. MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living says:

    If you want to let us know that you will be at the store grand opening this JUNE 23rd let us know here:

  2. Hobo Fixes for Cheap says:

    Do you let all the plants compete at 3” apart or do you thin them?

  3. Shawn Avery says:

    Add some unsweetened tea to the water half and half you'll speed up germination

  4. TRICK-OR TREAT says:


  5. Mahendra Patel says:

    Best for kitchen garden.

  6. Kody Kevorkian says:

    What is your plant spacing?

  7. Geometrical Gardens!!! says:

    How to stop worms from attacking it?

  8. Carlos Ortiz says:

    How do you water it

  9. Lynn Nguyen says:

    So young so knowledgeable and so good looking too! Thank you keep up the good work.

  10. Andri Abbas says:

    talk less do more.

  11. D W says:

    My concern is planting kernels in my yard. Small scale and very first time growing instead of eating. My question is how high does the shut (leaves in tube) shoot up or how deep to set in soil?

  12. Orangesocksburst says:

    I used to put my peas in the compost that were dried, I was about 9 or so; much older now. Didn't realise that putting them in water helps.
    Thanks for the tips. Next time when I grow them, I'll soak them until they're plump 😀

    Thank you 😀

  13. Havad says:

    Love your videos – simply explained

  14. My Mobile Homestead says:

    I am definitely learning something new from you. Thank you so much.

  15. firekilller13 says:

    Should I detassle my sweetcorn?

  16. Joanna Shiu says:

    Too much talking

  17. Teresa McBrayer says:

    How do you keep the crows out of your garden. They wait under ours is about an inch. With the little kernel on it.

  18. John Rodgers says:

    Very inaccurate

  19. Cody Rhodamer says:

    I know I’m late planting my corn, but I soaked my seeds last night and cannot plant today because my soil hasn’t dried out enough. We had a cold and cloudy day yesterday unfortunately. Will they be okay until tomorrow if I leave them in the water?

  20. James Marquis says:

    P.S has a excellent selection of broad-brimmed hats to wear.

  21. James Marquis says:

    Luke, you mentioned how hot and humid it was when you made the video. May I offer some constructive criticism's and helpful suggestions to cope with the heat? #1. Wear light colored clothing. Those black shorts absorb the sun's rays. #2. Wear clothing that is 100% cotton because it breaths so much better than other fibers. #3. Wear a open neck shirt. This allows some of the body heat to escape through the opening. I suggest a golf/polo pique-knit shirt. The pique (pronounced pee kay) knit pattern allows the body heat to escape. You can find these shirts at your local thrift store for a fraction of what they cost retail. Avoid jersey-knit shirts. Avoid crew neck T shirts like you are wearing. #4. Wear a broad-brimmed hat to keep the suns rays off of you and to protect against skin cancer. Please do not go bare-headed like you are doing. Got my sweet corn in on May 30. Planted Bodacious. Had excellent germination rate. Can't wait until it is ready! God bless.

  22. Lindsay Devoll says:

    Pine trees have tap-root like roots that can be 75 ft long…

  23. Tina Dixon says:

    I would plant beans with the corn, just like the natives did. I do this and it works well, along with squash in the corn patch (3 sisters planting) to help shade the ground. The squash plants also keep raccoons and other animals out, as the stems are full of little spiny things that scratch quite well (my arms showed me that last year!). Beans are a nitrogen fixer, thereby fertilizing the corn all season long and not depleting your soil or compost.

    For a good, early-maturing heirloom sweet corn, try Simonet. It was developed in Edmonton several decades ago, and when planted in late May (in Canada, zones 2 and 3) it can mature early to mid August. I find it much better than the hybrid Peaches and Cream, plus you can save seed and successfully plant it year after year (if you plant enough, corn inbreeds quickly, so it's recommended to plant and collect from a minimum of 200 plants, they say 300 is much better).

  24. Amanda Harbour says:

    Always love watching your videos! You always seem to pump out videos on things I want to put in my garden just days after I start thinking about them.

  25. urdone4 says:

    I think what would be helpful for some of the growing guides are some of the problems you might run into such as insects or disease…etc.

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