How to Juice and Smoothie with John Joseph

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When we enlisted the help of legendary Cro-Mags frontman John Joseph to show us how to make a proper juice and smoothie, we were expecting a nice run down of how to do it with a funny story thrown in. What we got was completely schooled on juices, smoothies and healthy living all around, and about an hour worth of useable footage. We unfortunately had to cut it down a bit, but the end result is still better than you could ever imagine.

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34 Responses

  1. Orion says:

    Uncle blood clot…you rule muthafucka..malfunkshun….hardcore forever

  2. Matt 1234 says:

    Anyone know what blender he’s using?

  3. Ryan Casey says:

    Who the fuck is spending 600-700 dollars a month on carton juice

  4. Nuralia Mazlan says:

    I swear that everytime I watch John Joseph, I stare in bewilderment. I will buy whatever shit he preaches. Like really, since I turned to plant based diet my run improves a looottt like who would have thought that. I used to think I'm not gonna get enough protein to recover my body goes like "uh nah we like all these veggies you digest everyday. We are pumped for more runs!"

  5. ShellRock says:

    Truth Bombs by John Joseph and he's still doing it. I literally cried laughing!! This guy is the real deal, love him!!

  6. Robert Bullock says:

    I love what you're doing, I've been down the same road, now I've turned my life around too. You're such an inspiration, a hero. Love you bro!

  7. Reggie Anglin says:

    John u are fuckin crazy. Lmao. Busting a couple of nuts then drink juic. Wish i knew that before i have. No Had CA. So i have to stop smokeing and the suds. I guess i became sloppy. But still john ur the man. God bless ya.

  8. wanik4 says:

    Blender contents go down at 5:42 at the avo part.

  9. The Real Life Action Figures says:

    a real badass

  10. smoofest says:

    uncle john!

  11. Moonlit says:

    I'd get tired just making either the juice or the smoothie.

  12. Randy Nickel says:

    can't afford that right now. while i agree with everything he said i'd like to know what the bill for those groceries and blender/juicer was. $'s tight for me but hopefully i can get there some day. i do follow jj on social media and am a new fan of his as of recently

  13. Michelangelo DaVinci says:

    hahaha macca is for the cocka

  14. Michelangelo DaVinci says:

    like this guy

  15. Daniel Sadjadi says:

    This guy is a badass motherfucker. PLANT POWER!

  16. 5dnibiru says:

    what juicer is that?

  17. A. Wiz says:

    more videos like this in general please

  18. Rafael Martinez says:

    Does anyone know the name of the juicer that he used?

  19. Susie English says:

    Smoothie your vegetables eat your fruit whole.
    And if you can't prmouce what's on the label its definately shit

  20. JoaniMaster says:

    Why do you have to swear so much you fuckin bitch ass dipshit!

  21. DaBank says:

    Only thing is it’s not Dr. Sebi approved food list

  22. Sophia Wafa says:


  23. Kaila Williams says:

    Wow this is eye-opening. I never considered that vegans could ALSO be douchebags.

  24. Tyler Cox says:

    So bust a bunch of nuts, throw that shit in a shake with some celery and blue berries. Got it.

  25. Reuben Hussmann says:

    "I guarantee you that bitch wasn't doing Iron Mans…"

  26. Phatastic Meemo says:

    What brand of juicer is that?

  27. drums4metal says:

    John reminds me of Jack LaLanne. Great attitude, great message, great personality, except Jack never said f*ck on TV.

  28. George Zabaneh says:

    John Joseph went beast mode. As usual… fucking savage

  29. Alec Reed says:

    What is the thing on Johns neck, it looks like a cloth top of a pantyhose, I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while, please for the love of god someone please enlighten me what it is

  30. John Freely says:

    What is the make of the juicer? Where can we buy it?

  31. Kieran Patrick says:

    Whopper vids as always but that amount of Brazil nuts is a no no….no more than 2 a day or the selenium can build up to toxic levels in body tissues……….

  32. Alex Navarro says:

    What type of juicer does he use?

  33. Tzipporah36 says:

    Love this guy!!

  34. Brett Hogg says:

    wtf that was a shit tone of coconut milk

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