How To Make Kiddies Organic Whitening Body Wash // Milky Skin Wash

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Hello lovelies welcome to my channel this is Peggy Skincare. If you’ve not subscribe. Please click the subscription button and give this video a huge thumbs up also share. Today i will make a Tutorial How To Make Kiddies Organic Whitening Body Wash // Milky Skin Wash at home

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Kids organic base soap
Fresh turmeric
Fresh pineapple
Fresh papaya
Fresh banana
10 essential oil
Mustard seed oil
Olive oil
Vit e oil
Shea moisture baby shampoo

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28 Responses

  1. Sarah Nneh says:

    Hello how can get this body wash?

  2. Egboye mobo says:

    Pls how much is the soap?

  3. Vivian Besem says:


  4. Vkky Abimbola says:

    Hello pregg skincare please how can I get dis kiddies body wash. I mean I want to buy how much?

  5. Alitza Granville says:

    Wow you are doing a great job. Plz how long can this last

  6. Se UYI says:

    i guess they are secret soaps!!!

  7. Se UYI says:

    It would be nice to know the names of the soaps used for the kids base soap.

  8. Asemota Tracy says:

    I just love u abeg

  9. Asemota Tracy says:

    I just love

  10. nina nayame says:

    Thanks Peggy…u r wonderful.

  11. avo karis says:

    Please what are the names of soap you used, and preservative?

  12. Sangria Fidel says:

    Pls help me my knuckles are killing me help me pls,u are the best

  13. GODSPOWER Opeyemi says:

    Peggy, pls where do u get Ur essential oils? Thanks

  14. Valerie Izuchukwu says:

    Hello Ma, please did you blend the turmeric with the skin?

  15. Alima Coulibaly says:

    Can we use powder Turmeric instead of frish one

  16. DOLL BLOGGER says:

    Hi I want to know how I can make peeling oil with lactic acid plz

  17. Gifty Gifty says:

    Nice one,can an adult use it too please?

  18. Wilfred Lorrita says:

    Please your location in Lagos,i want to buy the shea moisture baby shampoo

  19. Skin Illustrations with Cindy says:

    Always the best.

  20. Madiathou Kotin says:

    hello thank you for your videos please is that this soap a child can wash with and her which soap you scratch to make the mixture thank you for answering me

  21. amaka ozay says:

    Pls how much do you sell

  22. Confidentakudo Akudo says:

    How do I get your ebooks for promix

  23. Dimple Rosy says:

    Queen of skincare thanks for this tutorial…am so trying it

  24. Susan Henry says:

    God will enlarge your coast dis 2019…thank u dear

  25. Lora Enyeazu says:

    What are the names of the soaps used?

  26. Eniola Phillips says:

    Wow! Which preservative pls?

  27. mummy nathan says:

    I did this for my baby and I am so loving his skin…thanks peggy

  28. ultimateglow lifestyle says:

    I was thinking of you and pomm I get your notification. well done sis

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