How To Make Organic Mineralized Blue Green Algae Drink | Dr. Robert Cassar

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Dr Robert Cassar shows you how to make Blue Green Algae Water. Revised (Refrigerate after you make).
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27 Responses

  1. Yo Wassup says:

    People, be careful. Blue green algae has some of the most deadly toxins known to man. Don't do anything stupid, and make sure what you are buying is for eating ONLY.

  2. Space Cowboy says:

    Be careful how long you leave the dead algae in the water, it starts to rot right away, but you may not notice it until a few days later or longer. Looks to me what your making is fermented algae.

  3. PAINOFD00M says:

    You don't use stainless because it's antimicrobial

  4. IUIUI says:

    clinical studies say the benefits are protein and iron, however neither is concentrated enough in the shown solutions nor they multiply by "growing" in fridge.
    garbage in garbage out.
    the only good is that it will keep you hydrated.

  5. Baked Beanie Sigel says:

    Does anyone know how long this can last in the refrigerator? Does anyone think a few weeks or months would be safe?

  6. Abernathy Monsoon says:

    Very frustrating – he doesn't stay on topic as the rest of his videos.
    Neglects to give the important details on how to make this and storing to a sue by date. Contradictory statements from what comes out of his mouth and what the banner says at the bottom.

  7. N9NE says:

    I assuming fasting on this water would be amazing 🙂

  8. br3wskee says:

    Is it suppose to stink?

  9. phuzzz82 says:

    would you recommend using shungite stones with it?

  10. גלעד פישר says:

    Hello Dr 🙂
    I wish to buy your products but first I would like to know where did you get your PhD?

  11. Mad Penguin says:

    Is this also known as Spirulina Powder ? and can I mix it with himalayan salt sole water

  12. Kyle A says:

    I have some from Klamath lake that expired a year ago, do you think it's still safe to use?

  13. Tony Zamberlin says:

    Do you eat meat or fish ?

  14. Tina Bolesful says:

    to put in the fridge or not put in the fridge.. .. also,how long before it goes off?

  15. Laurence Yu says:

    Is the concentrate supposed to smell like fecal matter? I tried making it, poured some into my water and it turned more of a cerulean blue color. I'm not sure if the batch went bad. I didn't refrigerate because you said it was ok to leave it in the house to brew in room temp for 2 days. The concentrate really smells awful to me and when I drink the water with a bit of the concentrate, my breathe smells like it as well. Any advice?

  16. WILL POWER says:

    Does the same process work with spirulina and chlorella ?

  17. 3 Stars N' a Sun says:

    which blue green algae product is this? I need to buy some pls☺

  18. Official Rosaila Magnolia says:

    How long do you have to drink this before it spoil

  19. Official Rosaila Magnolia says:

    where can you get the crystals to put in the water if I'm going to make this I want to make it just like how you make it

  20. Janet de Paula says:

    Hi Robert, I'd like to know where the algae your using is grown & the process, if it's from outdoor pond or indoor with or without natural sunlight. Thx.

  21. Ian James says:

    Doctor of what?  from where did he get his doctorate? This is real BS not BG

  22. Lorica Lass says:

    This guy says leave the mixed drink on the counter for 2 days. But then words show up on the screen saying to refrigerate it immediately.  Some people say to leave it in sunlight for 2 days, some say to refrigerate immediately.  It's confusing.

  23. Lorica Lass says:

    Thank you.  So does this drink may you more alkaline?

  24. Bierrom 1 says:

    Drinking an alkaline water doesnt make sense cuz the stomach neutralizes everything … For people with a very low redox potential, drinking a high PH water even becomes a very bad thing cuz the lumen becomes alkaline, de facto the nutrients are badly absorbed, the immune system is shut down because the free radicals necessary for the elimination of pathogenic agents are neutralised… So a good water is a water with a neutral PH and low mineralized of course… Cheers

  25. Gabe Mainwaring says:

    Your blue green algae comes from Klamath lake. It's harvested about 500 yards from a sewer treatment plant. I live here so I know. Don't eat it.

  26. conceivably says:

    Would you say this is viable with matcha powder as well?

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