HOW TO: Manage Intensive Tomatoes

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30 Responses

  1. TheGhostInside0192 says:

    What about the air flow for polinize?

  2. Alan Plemmons says:

    Curtis ,thanks for sharing your knowledge with your fellow bloomers. Sorry to hear you are so sensitive to tomatoes. The smell of tomato plants is intoxicating to me. Can't get enough.

  3. Jim Claire says:

    Nice video. Great information.

  4. icehealthandfitness says:

    Have you know about 3g cutting?

  5. Pete Lasko says:

    I take the large suckers from my MITTLEIDER tomato’s and move them to my hydroponic tube and they too PRODUCE WELL TOO❤️

  6. Jon Wells says:

    Been watching a ton of your videos. Thanks for the excellent content. My question combines two of your videos. You did a video on your Growing wall, and this one here. As an out there idea, could you do these indeterminate tomatoes on a growing wall g extending you line horizontally, while filling the ground with your lower level crops. Initially, the fear would be the vines blocking the light from the ground. But with your hard prune technique, it seems that your getting rid of foliage almost just as fast as it's coming on? Idk, just thought i'd pop it out there.

  7. 93VIDEO says:

    212K abonnés dans le monde anglophone … et si tu essayais de parler Français, on est 284 millions de Francophone avec l'Afrique … Si tu fais 20 vidéos en Français, en 2018, tu vas toucher des millions et des millions de Francophones à travers le monde … Fonce fréro, n'ait pas peur de ton Français, pas parfait, personne ne parle un Français parfait … fonce fréro …

  8. Lukkas Suhn says:

    Don't tomatoes get sunburn?

  9. Kyle Rogers says:

    Does more energy go into the fruit when you prune the branches?

  10. TheMatron'sMilitia says:

    If growing determinate would you trim the opposite way, trim all but suckers?

  11. justin g says:

    How did you pollinate them in your closed greenhouses ?

  12. The Peeping Egg says:

    He said "indeterminate" again LOL he meant determinate @2:13 🙂

  13. P5ykoOHD says:

    Do you need to unearth them after the season and restart from scratch seeding (potting) new tomato plants or can you leave them in the ground till next year and will they produce again next year ?
    (say you have the land and can keep the greenhouse with just that)

  14. Jonathan Kosyjana says:

    Yeah tomatoes smell kinda weird,and cilantro smells like stinkbugs

  15. Green Dream says:

    I want to try your method in my raised bed Garden this year.

  16. Fensterfarm Greenhouse says:

    You have more tomatoes in there than I have in my 30×96 tomato greenhouse that is 17 feet tall in the center. I can't even imagine what that looked like in there even a month after you filmed this video? You would have had to top them very early on I am guessing. I lower and lean them all year long.

  17. Rajesh Thampi says:

    Hello Urban Farmer Curtis Stone , This question would sound stupid…. But I have to ask. 🙂 . If you prune in this manner, would the plants be able to make it to the next season? Or do you replant seeds for the next year?

  18. chris shepherd says:

    Forgive me if you already answered this question, but what is the best time to start seed for transplants indoors to get a head start in your hoop houses/tunnels? When is the last seed you drop for the season?

  19. amy mac says:

    Hi Curtis, I know how to pollinate tomatoes, but I'm wondering how you do this for intensive tomato growing? Cheers!

  20. Metal Adder101 says:

    I do mine this way in wine barrels and still have two of my plants producing.(home garden)

  21. cruciferousvegetable says:

    I have a different experience with tomatoes. My best tomatoes are buried in foliage. when my tomatoes are exposed they get damage. I let them do what they want, no pruning and I get at least 4 pickup truck beds full from a 100 plants across the whole season.

    My neighbor cultivates until the tractor can no longer straddle the plants, then he lets the weeds go. He ends up with very high quantity and quality tomatoes. I definitely have found the fruit need protection from the sun.

    There are different ways to get good results apparently.

  22. Ceferino Cenizo says:

    Excellent video! What's the structure of this tunnel made of? Galvanized steel or pvc and what size? Thanks!

  23. Nicole K says:

    This year is my first season. I started Sakura, sweet baby girl, sun gold from seed beginning of march. Now they are in the greenhouse as of beginning of the week.(greenhouse was finally finished on Sunday). We have had three days of scorching sun.. most the plants have turned white.. :'(
    I'm worried because I didn't harden them off properly and we had unexpected hot sun, that I'm going to lose all of them.
    Our grow season has just started (ALASKA) I'm just terrified I messed up badly, to no return. I badly want this to work. I follow you religiously lol Any advice is greatly appreciated thanks
    Also maybe a video on the seedling part of tomatoes and what to do/care for them would be great too. Unless you've done one already, I can't find it 🙂 hope all is well with wife and new arrival. Thanks again

  24. WandaH says:

    Hi Curtis. I'm a subscriber and have been enjoying your videos. Does this advice work only for greenhouse tomatoes? Do you also grow tomatoes in your outdoor plots? I'm way down in South Louisiana and wonder if I should be worried about sun scald with this aggressive pruning. Also, do you fight pests in the greenhouse? I'm fighting leaf footed nymphs and bugs. Thanks.

  25. Shane Winters says:

    I live in very south Louisiana. I get blossom end rot a lot. What would u do to help with that?

  26. doug Poteet says:

    hey Curtis just a quick question what type of paint did you use to paint the inside of your Greenhouse all the white two by fours

  27. John MacLellan says:

    Thanks for the lesson Curtis.

  28. Faith Wolfe says:

    I'm going to try hard pruning my tomatoes this year. I have 2 questions: what do you use to anchor the twine into the ground? and When do you strip the lower branches? After it flowers or not until fruit sets? Thank you for sharing so much!

  29. David Hampel says:

    How do you pollinate crops in a closed greenhouse?

  30. Sherry Sabine says:

    super informative!
    I'm guessing chop n drop of the pruned stems is good for the home garden.
    Ive got 51 heirloom tomato plants started. they go in the ground in 2 weeks! cant wait to use this technique this summer!

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