How To Plant Fall And Winter Garlic In Containers Container Gardening

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Daniel and Dearly show us how to plant garlic in containers that we’ll sit on our porch all winter. Again, you don’t need a lot of land, or any, to garden, as long as you have a porch or a balcony, and you don’t have to wait until spring, as you can plant your garlic in the fall or winter and harvest it next summer.

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19 Responses

  1. cherry blossom says:

    Daniel is such a helpful cutie! I love Garlic and tomorrow i will go buy me some orangic garlic for my garden. Ty

  2. Dawn Summers says:

    Great idea reusing green bean pots! I'm so excited I planted garlic for next year and I'll save some to plant in pots for next time. Good teamwork btw

  3. Asim Nawaz Veggies Home Kitchen Garden says:

    Great video and especially your son awareness of gardening at starting age.

  4. Mary Warner says:

    Daniel is so cute and smart just think of the homesteader he will become! Dearly you are beautiful as ever!

  5. Nona Ubiz says:

    I've tried to plant garlic, but have never had much luck with it coming up. I need to try using the pots like you did. Hopefully it will grow that way, I love garlic and it is so healthy for you. The ancient Greeks prized garlic so much that it was saved for royalty and the wealthy. It was also given to athletic champions as part of their reward for winning in tournaments.

  6. Sadie-Kay says:

    @Daniel plants garlic the same way I plant bulbs.
    I've been planting crocus bulbs all over my back yard and front yard, using Daniel's technique. I have a friend who taught me this. Her yard is covered with those cheerful flowers in the spring.

  7. Hobbert Sharp says:

    Making me want to try growing some garlic. 🙂

  8. Simple Living Alaska says:

    Awesome job, we love garlic!

  9. Benjamin Webster says:

    Tip. Use new soil, I bet the natural organisms in the old soil are dead. Too dry. The soil in your woods that’s well drained is probably premium because leaves are natural compost. The soil is silty I bet below the pond and full of good organisms. But it’s easier I’d say to dump the old and put in new rather then dig at it.

    Love your channel. I’m from Vermont I homestead alone, 29. I live in the forest with all of God’s creatures. I depend on their wisdom of the forest. I don’t watch your channel because your any kind of expert. I don’t need much advice on the ways of self preservation by finding food or creating it. I watch because you are thinking critically, and tying that into family. Those are the two most important things. Thinking and seeing a path that creates a family experience.

    I work sunup until sundown and even my own family doesn’t realize. Because every day when I see them I am happy, and free and ready to help them. Especially my gram, she turned 81 on Halloween. I can’t complain about hard work because I still think family is the reason we do what we do. But anyway I’m rambling, it just seems like you should be given props for being so patient in all things. I bet very few people recognize that you go through your videos often letting your family do all the talking. How honorable and respectable you are as a man to not butt in or overpower them. You are a true husband.

    Anyways this got long winded but I watch all your videos and never say much because I tend to enjoy it for what it is. Nobody stood over Bob Ross shoulder and nudged his elbow to help him paint his story. If you read this, I hope in your morning ramble tomorrow you might answer my one question.

    With everything you’ve been through, seen, done and felt. Things I’m aware of that you shared. Do you think that this time next year it will be a lot different? Do you hope it will change or do you hope it will be the same but better? Two questions I guess. But if you had a million subscribers I don’t think you’d be any better a homesteader, just a student with more time to learn.


  10. Tamara Butterworth says:

    Daniel is absolutely adorable! So smart! I'm a grandma and I know he isn't my grandson but he makes me proud like his grandma would be. He knew what he was doing,knew what he needed to teach us and even helped his mom with the info she was trying to convey. I just love your family and your rambles. Loved your dancing with wolves vlog. I've been dancing a long time too, don't we all.

  11. Carol Williamson says:

    I always buy organic garlic, but have never grown garlic. I will be growing some in a container now throw.

  12. Debby M says:

    This is a really good idea. In pots. I'm definitely going to do this!! Thankyou Daniel and Dearly ❤️

  13. Susan Harris says:

    Daniel does a good video. He is learning young work ethics he should turn out to be a good homesteader too.

  14. Emily Velasquez says:

    Daniel your a good helper I'm proud of you helping your mom.

  15. Lisa JW says:

    Oh great. I just finished mucking about in the yard and garden today to finish my 'to do' list. Thought everybody was put to bed for winter. Now, I wont feel at rest until I give a go at planting garlic.

  16. DJ Govan says:

    Great job Daniel your explanation was spot on .You are going to be a great gardener with all you are learning with your Mum and Dad. I was one of the people who thought about growing it in containers so thank you to you and your Mum for showing me exactly how it is done as soon. As soon as I am up and about I am going to try this for myself as like you guys I eat alot of organic garlic. Thank you too Dearly. I hope you have a good day today. Dx

  17. Elaine James says:

    SORRY Daniel i did your name wrong my friend love Bud.

  18. Elaine James says:

    Dearly and Danial thank you show BLESS you and family . P.S. Dearly love your hair very beautiful. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  19. Mamaw's Reborn Punkin Patch says:

    I drill small holes in the lid of the jug and use that to water . Easier to carry then a watering can

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