How to Protect Your Natural Hair This Winter ft. Tailored Beauty Products

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One mistake I made the first time I went natural was not paying enough attention to my hair during the change of seasons! The winter can be brutal to your hair if you don’t take care. Check out this video for 4 simple changes you can make to your hair routine this winter which can make all the difference in your hair growth and hair health. This video is also intended to show the Ultimate Collection Box by Tailored Beauty. xoxo


Products Used..
⋆ The Ultimate Collection Box which includes:
– 1 Coconut Creme Shampoo
– 1 Coconut Creme Conditioner
– 1 Everything Butter
– 1 Moisturizing Mist
– 1 Grow Thick Oil
– 1 Jamaican Black Castor Oil Edge Control
– 1 Perfect Coils Curling Jelly
⋆ Shea Moisture’s Virgin Coconut Oil Deep Treatment Masque
⋆ Lotta Body’s Silk Scarf

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  1. Lois Henderson says:

    Hey my name is Lois and I am currently a sophomore in high school and I am working on my Associates degree. I have been watching your channel for a while now ,and I’ve finally decided to ask you for help . I want to go to Spelman ,and I want to major in dance performance & Choreography but I need help . I’m the only one in my family finishing high school and on track to go to college. Do you know anyone that can help me in that area or major field that currently goes to Spelman. By the way I love your channel ! If you could help that would be great thank you . I have so many questions and need some guidance to put my dream school and dream job into action !

  2. Lakshya Sharma says:

    Hi mam..i found a blog about hair care .. don't know whether its genuine or not .
    Can you plz tell me about that

  3. Tam Kam says:

    I want to try Tailored but omg I have so many products im backed up on trying

  4. Ethnic Earring says:

    Yea, I have to use different products for different seasons!

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