How to stop cats going on your car – Cat repellent – Hilarious!

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To stop cats going in my yard I created this DIY cat repellent water spray – Enjoy what may be the best cat video ever!

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This video was shot in Perth Western Australia, on my struggle and solution to my problem with neighborhood cats “spraying” on my car and in my garden.

Seriously I don’t hate cats, This video was the result of a legitimate ongoing problem we have had with cats in our area. Washing cat “spray” off our doors and cars was becoming an increasingly time consuming and frustrating part of our weekly routine.

Basically I thought why not turn our problem into entertainment, Everyone likes a funny cat video on youtube πŸ˜‰

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38 Responses

  1. Turnah81 says:

    Check out Part 2 here! – Also be sure to subscribe as "Turnah81 vs Cat's – Round 3" is coming in 2018!!! Thanks for everyone's support πŸ™‚

  2. Gunpowder Mcloud. says:

    Yes..yes I have punched myself in the face just like this a few times. My wife stuffs the end of the blanket under the mattress and I can't pull it up easily or move my feet. I quickly learned to tear them out before going to sleep so I don't bash my face at 1am and have to go get coffee because I'm wide awake and pissed off. Her habit of doing this for her snuggly comfort is the bane of my sleep as I cannot sleep in a burrito.

  3. bertraminc says:

    LMAO… I’ve never had air problems like your blooper at the end. Had me cracking up.

  4. ThunderTheTherian TTT says:

    I hate cats

  5. Mega Man says:

    mother fucking stray cats are crawling all over my brand new mustang. muddy fucking paws. I have tried EVERYTHING besides murder to get rid of these fucking things. They are using my car as a damn scratch post. I swear to god i am about to buy a gun. I called the local animal shelter. (threatening to shut down to lack of funding ironically) the lady told me to buy a tarp! SO now when i go to work ill have to take a piss mud covered tarp off and put in my trunk?! I shouldn't have to live around cats destroying my property.

  6. TheDum Bum says:

    So, if punching yourself in the face is annoying, why don't you try not punch yourself in the face.

  7. Paul Noel says:

    Funny X5

  8. MostlyWeed says:

    I've never seen a cat pee on a car, what did you do to the cat?

  9. Izzark Alley says:

    From your humorous videos I have discovered that laughing when you are about to sneeze, no matter how late you think it is, it will immediately cancel out your sneeze

  10. Smoogalers! InYourFace says:

    im a cat owner, i hav 7 cats. its probably better to humainly put the cats down with a shot to the head, before anyone freaks out. its more humane than getting hit or fighting with other animals. Ferral cats are also an issue on the environment as they kill whatever they see

  11. GreySlasher63 says:

    Why did i think this video was posted in 2017

  12. Chimera - r says:

    It is'nt cats urinating round your house. Its us.

  13. RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

    You can now get motion sensored water sprinklers at most garden centers such as Lowes or Home depot. Much easier. Not cheaper but pussy wouldnt like his bath. Especally at 3am.

  14. tastemysaucer says:

    ahh you crack me up man

  15. Shaun Sim says:

    That was so funny my eyes are watering, You got a trick for cat poop? 1st find a good dumping ground, remove the poop, Then dig a hole so it is deep enough for a car airbag, then put back poop over it, Then the rest is pisstory!

  16. Wavy Davey Rivera says:

    This is a work of art

  17. Alkaris says:

    Cats aren't meant to be outside anyway. They need to be kept indoors, because it helps with cat population problems.

  18. Dan Allen says:

    I'd like to buy one of those auto sprayer units prebuilt.

  19. L Flow says:

    Heres a way to stop those cats from pissing everywhere. Spay and Neuter them! Well convince your neighbours to do so.

  20. Simoms Schmidt says:

    Someone has to clip the beginning lmao

  21. Samuel Goodman says:


  22. D.A. Risse says:

    Get a big dog.

  23. handsfreekvm says:

    This is great. I needed this for the rats in Baltimore. I was going to do something similar with a motor in a tin can that just slapped metal around scaring them. But this is better.


    I need something like this, but with a pellet gun for my neighbors dogs that just roam free and eat and piss where ever the fuck they want. Not to mention they act like their the shit and bark at fucking ANYTHING just to show them they are better, but run away when you get close like the pieces of shit they are!!!!

  25. MarbRed Fred says:

    Be way more awesome if you had a shotgun using slugs but this is still neat

  26. Keegan Foster says:

    Or you can apply electricity to the tire wheel and electric your cat when it pees on it

  27. Total Freak Squad says:


  28. Diji says:

    Ok, nvm I think this guy is on to something. This is Grade a entertainment.

  29. Diji says:

    I think those cats are on to something

  30. Kurosaki Tagami says:

    Yknow cars are retarded

  31. Cactiman says:

    Hey, ya know what’s really annoying? He says at start of video skips to end.*says THAT *

  32. Alexis Rodriguez says:

    My throat hurts from laughing so hard

  33. sailingsolar says:

    Now my car won't start. This is to much work. Simply trap them. Beat the HeII out of them, then release and they won't come back. A lot less work and more effective. Cats are much smarter than dogs, they learn very fast.

  34. Sirax123 says:

    Could just put out cyote granules

  35. Bingo Hall says:

    I suggest the backstop be shaped to deflect the water back and up and to the sides to double spray them.

  36. 7 stars says:

    Yo mate that was to funny.Great job.

  37. D.L.P says:

    Lol the bird

  38. Chris Caballero says:

    So this is smart .. dismantle car to keep cats off it. So no more cats but now you cant start your car or roll down ur windows. Smart..

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