How To Turn Over No-Till Garden Beds

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I have this (perhaps irrational) fear with this video that when people see how I turn certain beds over that they are going to simply write no-till gardening off completely as too messy or hard. But don’t do that. It does work. And I will revisit this spinach in a few weeks to prove it. How’s that? Deal? Deal.

Anyway, let me know if you all have any questions. I would not blame you if you do. I would blame the excellent teachers you had in your life who taught you to be inquisitive. And I would call them. And they would be like, “Wait, who is this?” And I would hang up because calling someone’s teacher is just taking it to far. Plus they work too hard to be dealing with coffee-fueled no-till farmers calling them at all hours about such things, bless em.

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6 Responses

  1. Mike Delaney says:

    For a wannabe farmer/Truck driver..I find it all great…no till and the compost I'm making and have Market Gardner here..maybe in the future.. thanks for all the great information…

  2. Trent Kotch says:

    This rich (abundant) compost…I think I remember you saying you're buying it somewhere. Do you think you'll ever be able to produce enough on your own? and/or once the beds are higher in organic matter will you stop top dressing AND what will that do to the turn over process without that 'cover' helping to suppress weeds/previous crop until the new seeds/transplants take hold?

  3. Browntown Homestead says:

    Keep em coming. I'm going no till in our garden next spring. Wondering how's that area in the path where the wood chips meet the bed to control weeds? Seems like a difficult spot to work.

  4. Sheldon Sapp says:

    what kind of seeder are you using

  5. Sow the Land says:

    LOVE IT MAN! We seem to do the same type of no till turn over! Seems so much faster and easier to do no till. 2 legit 2 quit! Keep moving!

  6. Jackson Rolett says:

    In terms of lean, how would you compare it to having to break out the tractor to prep a bed? Does the “extra” work with far fewer and simpler tools actually make it faster in the long run?

    You’d definitely be more flexible with regard to the weather in no-till. With the soil blocking and you have a super flexible system at the very least.

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