How to use Google Earth with Windows Mixed Reality

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Google Earth is a natural fit for virtual reality, being able to navigate the world and view cities all from your sofa. Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly Google don’t support Windows Mixed Reality but there is a way of getting it working on Microsoft’s VR platform. Google Earth VR is available for StreamVR and thanks to a recent update to Steam you can now get SteamVR on Windows Mixed Reality.
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10 Responses

  1. Jordan Evans says:

    For me, it just goes to a black screen right after the launch. I can hear everything and make actions, but black screen with border markings.

  2. Jordan Evans says:

    Mixed reality does not work with google VR. Worked for ten minutes and then something went wrong and it only shows a black screen on the headset while the mirror works fine.

  3. neil brady says:

    why is there white lines ( like a grid) in the screen. i dont have this with my setup up in earth vr with the htc vive

  4. Ydonkov says:

    Camera seems to be shaking quite a bit. Does it bother you while in VR?

  5. Mike Smith says:

    Wear a mic when recording in VR so you can still be heard when you turn your head.

  6. Tom C says:

    Thanks for the heads up mate, works great for me. After you have the steam apps (and google earth vr) I find it a bit easier/faster to just; load up windows mixed reality player and then click on windows media play for steam. This takes you into the steam room where you can then just select any of your steam games, including google earth vr.

  7. daweller says:

    maybe someday with Google earth vr, physics will be activated? and AI?

  8. ash b says:

    hi have trouble getting google earth vr to work on mixed reatliy head set I get a message in red letters unresponsive google vr . other steam games etc work. when I open google vr I can see it on my screen but not in headset.

  9. inyazserg Sergey Larin says:

    The Street View looks good. The scanned houses still suck with those artifacts. Looking at the whole planet looks like something fresh.

  10. bob bjorkner says:

    lovely. works great on an Nvidia 660m!

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