I Wrecked The First One – Log Raised Bed Garden Part 3

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Joining the logs together is a bit more tricky than I thought but progress is being made here and the raised bed is coming together nicely.

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29 Responses

  1. Brent and Natasha Derksen says:

    good name, "the sugar shack!"

  2. paty arriaga says:

    Was this greenhouse from a kit or did you design it?

  3. South Georgia Hydroponics says:

    I like what you're doing dad. If you're going for rustic log beds, why so much concern with tight connections.(Lag screws) Mother Nature is going to do her part …. Pondering….

  4. nativegun says:

    Son, it would be great to have that much time on my hands.

  5. art morgan says:

    Cant Hook is the tool.

  6. christinearmington says:

    I keep thinking, Lincoln Logs!

  7. Do And Brew - DIY says:

    Nice work man! Watch all your videos – long time sub…looking forward to seeing your raised beds come together. I am thinking of making raised beds also and just last night my wife and I discussed just using logs.

    I really believe it takes a village – and YouTube is our global village where we can all share info – and you have shared a lot of great tips and projects. So please don’t take this as a snipe! You should consider getting the bark off your logs and placing your logs on a thin gravel bed. Both will ensure your logs will last as long as possible and you won’t have to use valuable time rebuilding your raised beds sooner than you have to. Think about log homes … bark is always removed and logs are not placed directly on the ground.

    Again, thanks for the video and look forward to seeing your raised bed begin to produce!

  8. Two Cedars Micro Farm says:

    Everybody can always tell you what you did wrong. But the knowledge you get learning hands-on is priceless.

  9. adam boone says:

    Not to mince words but I think you are confusing a saddle and a notch. The top of the lower log gets a saddle the under side of the top log gets a notch that is scribed into the saddle. By the time you finish a log home you get lots of your mistakes figured out.

    Build a sauna first and then build your log home.
    Great Lakes log home building school is a fantastic school to go to. If it’s still open. Well done it’s a learning process

  10. S Lenn says:

    Now all you need to do is study law then run for President (Abe Lincoln)

  11. mwilliamshs says:

    This seems like a bulky, labor-intensive way to raise a couple beds. You're losing floor space. How long would just a pile of dirt last inside your greenhouse before it slumped? Years I bet then you could just rake it back into shape. Containing it with logs works but good lord that's a waste of logs, space, time, energy…

    Just my opinion. Enjoyed the video anyway.

  12. Rich God says:

    I really enjoy watching your projects, but this looks incredibly hard. I hope you don't hurt yourself and keep up all the great work, the farm has come along way!

  13. Charlie gokey says:

    Love the videos! Next you will be carving chainsaw art from those logs!

  14. Paige says:

    Is this also a type of Hugelkultur? What type of wood is this? Love your videos… so honest and so pure. Thank you.

  15. Mark uploaded says:

    I’m sure it’ll come together and will do it’s intended job…don’t sweat it, it’s meant to look rustic anyway!..looking forward to seeing the finished article, God bless, Mark

  16. William Lockard says:

    How many long sleeve Army PT shirts do you have!

  17. Bonnie Doon Homestead says:

    Very cool, great to watch you learn as you go here! That is homesteading right there!

  18. adam matthews says:

    Always a learning curve when trying something new. One suggestion I have, would be to get yourself some four foot rebar, and drive it through the saddle notches, into the ground. If you have a long enough auger bit to do so, use that first. If not, drill as deep as you can and sharpen the end you drive through, into the ground. It will be a lot more stable, and will help counteract some of the outward force the weight of the soil will have.

  19. MOblackbird says:

    Are you familiar with the Dick Proenneke videos? Youtube has some.

  20. Epic Gaming says:

    Not knocking yah but you could have just flipped the short logs to the top and drove on, hind sight always 20/20 lol

  21. Adam Nelson says:

    Is there going to be a 2019 State of the Farm address? Nice videos love the projects. Wish you and your family the best.

  22. Eric Sumnicht says:

    Hey man, it's called artistic license. Love it……call it your own.

  23. Suzanne Leblanc says:

    I've watched so many log cabin builds, self reliance, he build his himself last year on youtube, I must have watched a dozen different people build their log cabin from start to finish,lol!

  24. Suzanne Leblanc says:

    That's right just the one that goes on the top

  25. Suzanne Leblanc says:

    That's giving you practice for building your log cabin as a B&B for future income, lol!

  26. Beecozz7 says:

    Your gift and charm are seeing a project through no matter what! You make it work! I'm still concerned about your back, those next lifts will be high. Well done!!! Actually, it's fun to take the bark off logs, a sharp hatchet and a wide chisel will facilitate, the kids can do it! Then no bugs!

  27. Chuck Wagon says:

    Wild man on that chainsaw

  28. KALSINFILMS says:

    I have no positive comments. Please ignore if you don't want to read.

    Logs too big , wasting expensive real estate in the green house. Slim dimensional timber boards would do the same job and take less space. Even without any wood if you just make the bed they would stay up for a season or more. You don't have the elements washing them down constantly like outside. Just laying the logs on the ground and securing them with metal bars or wood spikes would hold them in place. I don't understand all the cut and securing them to another business unless you like to play with your tools.

    I am a big fan of your channel and watch every episode but I am lost on this project.

    I see in the future you taking this apart and finding the right way.

    In Turkey we have a saying / it goes like this "Wrong calculation comes back as far as Baghdad." Let that saying bother you for a week now. 🙂 🙂

    Love, Hugs and Kisses

  29. OffGridNorthwest says:

    Nice. First time ive seen a log home-type garden bed. My parents built a log home, but without notching. They would just butt each log up to the other with rebar holding them in place after drilling holes through the logs with a ver long auger bit. I think the saddle cuts look cooler though

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