iDIVA – Indian Bloggers Try Organic Beauty Products Ft. Komal Pandey, Roshni, Sitara, Mili & Sumiran

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We made our fav Indian bloggers Komal Pandey, Sumiran Kashyap, Sitara Singh, Roshni Bhatia and Mili Soni try organic makeup and beauty products and this is what they thought of them.
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15 Responses

  1. satarupa dasgupta says:

    Hey bhagwan, paise ke liye kitna jhoot bologe!

  2. M Kaur says:

    1:55 this gurl sounds annoying af , everything else was good !

  3. Arianator Ever says:

    Komal squad..

  4. Janice Moriarty says:


  5. bhavesh bansal says:

    Haye oye kudiya.

  6. Dhanmaya Thapa says:

    aisi video kon banata hai yr. matlab channel chal raha hai to kuch b dal do

  7. Meenal S says:

    Y are these girls talking so animatedly? For heavens sake u dont have to be throwing hands so much or tilt ur body to be looking like a beauty blogger!!

  8. Riya Mehra says:

    Ok you all love organic things and always use than…. then by getting sponsored and paid … You tell us to use non-organic products on your channel and Instagram page
    Ok ok.. I see

  9. Glam Bee says:

    I was so waiting for this…..loved it…thanks for such a great content ..lots a luck and love ❤️

  10. Anmol Parmar says:

    00:52 This gurl is dumb

  11. Andreal Drew says:

    Everyone except Komal and the all black lady look like they know nothing about beauty…

  12. Shreya Gupta says:

    33 liked

  13. Riya Rawat says:

    Commnt foh koml di love u di

  14. Priya D says:

    That girl who is wearing a orangish red top(not roshni) is really looking like a disney princess

  15. Khushi Sakhuja says:


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