Impala Miraculously Escapes Jaws Of Leopard | The Hunt | BBC Earth

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With a burst of speed of 65 km an hour, the Leopard without doubt is a formidable predator. In this tense and compelling encounter, we stalk quietly alongside a Leopard as it sizes up an unsuspecting Impala, from the cover of a gully.

Taken From The Hunt

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41 Responses

  1. dhilshad dhilu says:

    yea…the leopard got shot

  2. Ильдар Ахметшин says:

    Well, that one leopard is stupid

  3. Drew Jackson says:

    How'd it get away?

  4. Rizal MaHmud says:

    the deer comeback like Argentina in 2014 WC

  5. Osman AKTAS says:

    thats impossible. I think the other impala escaped

  6. Toño Castro says:

    Esa leopardo era famosa porque tenia 14 años y nunca un leopardo había vivido tanto en su hábitat natural

  7. Thoubal mayum Mohammed iliyas says:


  8. David Ridges says:

    how do they get camera shots this good

  9. Pratik Patel says:

    Its all underground!

  10. Ajay Raj Mehta says:

    Thanks animal

  11. fiona fetahaj says:

    David's voice in these documentaries just makes this better


    Who love this type of videos? I always love watching this type of video

  13. Ujjawal Madan says:

    Anyone rooting for the leopard?

  14. George Vasilescu says:

    When you getting dragged into a ditch, but bae texts you and says she's home alone.

  15. YOU TUNE says:

    Moved tail signs 'oh shit'

  16. Frostlast says:

    3:24 my guy didn't see nothin

  17. prettygirlomg says:

    impool escape from hungery big spotty africc catto

  18. prettygirlomg says:

    impool escpae from hungery big spotty africc catto

  19. CGI Future says:

    My question how the f do they get camera so close to the impala it would freak and run someone plz explain

  20. Santosh Vhanmane says:

    Good video

  21. Richy Abraham says:

    My favorite cat. The master of stealth.

  22. That_boi_ Him says:


  23. ALI-OOF says:

    All the vegetarions liked thos video

  24. gkarimbayli says:

    Ironically i am sorry for leopard

  25. gkarimbayli says:

    My humble guess is that the leopard had a heart attack in this tranche or had some health issues that let his prey to go

  26. gkarimbayli says:

    Mother Nature is scary in beauty

  27. atron strong says:

    Well thats disappointing

  28. S says:

    Footage is incredible, second to none.

  29. jane doe says:

    that impala so freaked out it can barely run. and i don't blame it!

  30. breno lima says:


  31. itsmeyohta says:

    How fricken strong are leopards? Impala straight up got dragged into the gulley like nothing.

  32. Haisam Fatooq says:


  33. Jake Eschen says:

    Did Sir David Attenborough say, "disorientated"? If gold should rust, what would iron do?

  34. Vichet Golden says:

    if your video is longer i think it’s the best.

  35. Prashant Singh says:

    Leopard had an ankle twist in guli

  36. KING says:

    You guys lowkey had paid thugs around that corner holding a gun to the leopard whilst the thug saying “Let go of the deer n no one gets hurt .”

  37. Green Ghouls says:

    I always root for the predator, they actually have to work for their food and can't just eat grass that is EVERYWHERE

  38. I'm Dead While I Sleep says:

    The music match the video so good

  39. Alan Jose Duran Ortiz says:

    K lindo

  40. Sahil Bilal says:


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