Interview # 1 Discussing Flat Earth on “Our Natural Rights” with Shelly Johnson

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This was my first interview so I was a little talkative (imagine that) but overall I think it went very well.

Shelly Johnson hosts the radio show “Our Natural Rights” on alltalkradio, she interviews Jeranism (me).


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  1. LeglessTable says:

    Even if the world was flat, I could still easily comprehend people in Australia being "upside down". Center of gravity is so simple, a toddler could understand.

  2. Leland Somers says:

    You people are crazy, nuts. You belong inn institutions because you have dropped out of reality into fantasy.

  3. Captain SKA says:

    Well this was an education. I didn't actually believe there are people this stupid in the world. Dumb as fuck.
    There is no God. Grow up.
    The world is curved. Study physics.

  4. angus says:

    schools are prisons forĀ our children to be programed

  5. Crystal Giddens says:

    I get it now, you guys are also prominent with false flags and flat earth. Way to be! Discredit yourselves while being the first to raise serious questions about serious issues! This way the rest of us who also have serious questions about apparent false flags are clumped in with you. Nice job!

  6. No-Tin ToSeeHere says:

    I remember the old intro.

  7. Joshua Jorgensen says:

    The bible is not controlling. Religion is controlling. Jesus Christ frees us from religion and the law. It's all about the grace of God. We know the flat earth had to have a creator. The bible describes our flat earth perfectly by the way.

  8. C C says:

    on the point

  9. Manish Pandey says:

    Just like there are two forces; one that makes us do good and be creative, the other propelling us to be bad and be destructive,
    There must be two physical forces, one acting down and the other acting up. Trees can feel the upward forces too.
    The material of the moon and the sum and the stars seem to be such that they are floating up, actually have been attracted up by some force it seems.
    Anyways thanks for the video, it was great. Cheers.

  10. Brett Jacobs says:

    The Globalists will inform us mid-Sept. 2015 that there is a meteor/asteroid approaching USA & they must use Nuclear Weapons to minimize damage. Yet the asteroid/meteor story is a complete lie! Nuclear weapons will trigger a massive tsunami on the East and West Coast, which will be 100% man made. The event is a False Flag to usher in Martial Law. Once everyone's homes are destroyed they will push the population into FEMA Camps. Like Hotel California: you can never leave and the food is poisoned.

  11. Christian Lopez says:

    im still amazed how many people are so controled by the establishment and mind control test they put out on the public , how many people dont think for themselves.

  12. martyisabeliever says:

    You have conclude incorrectly about the Bible… The Question is not which religon Jeran; It is are you a sinner in need of redemption.


    We have a voice


    Jeranism, I hope one day you will let Jesus become your savior but at the same time I can't deny the strong arguments you have brought forth and you actually helped to strengthen my personal faith with how you have challenged some of the Sciences out there. I really have been enjoying your recent videos and thanks for making them. Even though you are not a follower of Christ at the present time the Bible agrees with many things you have pointed out.

  15. Marc Boudreau says:

    If you believe in what you see where did all that you see come from?

  16. bii mathis says:

    With respect I ask you the following questions…

    I see you and others like you believing in the flat earth that there is a conspiracy. So my question is why. How does believing in a global earth harmful to the inhabitants of earth? How does believing in a flat earth help the inhabitants of earth? Why is there such a conspiracy? Who is the one benefiting from trying to perpetrate such a mass illusion? Why do you believe that millions of dollars are being spent on junk science just to fool the inhabitants of the world? How do you explain gravity? Because if Newton and Einstein are wrong then a whole other set of mathematical equations must explain the phenomenon of gravity. And the same would be true for virtually anything having to do with physics, biology, geology, meteorology, etc.

    Some flat Earth people believe we live in some big dome. Who built the dome? What is outside of the dome? Why would someone go through all the trouble of creating stars and planets just to fool every single person on earth? It also means that every amateur telescope operator is lying to us along with the professional astronomer and astrophysicist.

    The bottom line is, I am being told that flat Earth is the truth and a global earth is a lie. If that is true then it is the biggest crime ever committed in world history. And every crime has a motive. It would also mean that all if not most of the scientists in the world would have to be aware of this crime and participate in it. There are millions of scientists in the world. And there are hundreds of scientific disciplines. Why haven't any high-ranking or high profile scientists come out to admit to the world that science has been lying to them about the flat earth for hundreds of years?

    Truthfully I have not found any videos or research that addresses my questions. And this is only some of what I would ask in a conversation.

  17. michdad1 says:

    It,s gravity holding everything on earth. I can prove it too. My wifes tits have sagged to the ground since we met over thirty years ago. There's the Physics proof.

  18. automatan says:

    Great interview Jarnism! I must admit that I'm still reeling from this recent "awakening" which happened a little over a month or so ago. I've been researching the conspiratorial view of history since the early 80s and not once did I ever come across this subject – well, one time,years ago, I did come see a video on the Flat Earth but I didn't even bother to look at it because I thought it'd be ridiculous to even consider such a thing. We are indeed severely indoctrinated.

    I want to thank you and also Mark, Erick and all those who have taken the time to focus the spotlight on this topic. Keep up the good work.

  19. JAKE W JONES says:

    For anyone who would like to see every comment Mark Sargent has made regarding Earth…10605.13435.0.13788.…0…1.1.64.serp..8.0.0.CdpNwIpR040
    Or regarding anything for that matter:…5039.7253.0.10071.…0…1.1.64.serp..

  20. joejitsu034 says:

    A great video, I am becoming a fan of Jeran. I don't believe most of what he says, yet. But I've seen a few points & proofs that have made me question a lot. & I have studied Wing Chun & other arts & they also teach you to question & test everything. Unbelievable! A good interview too, thank you.

  21. Joseph Cek says:

    Hi Jeran, great job on the interview! I think you should do more interviews to get your message out to the masses. Look at the interviews done by Mark Sargeant, Eric Dubey and ask those radio hosts if they would interview you. Truth Frequency Radio, 100th Monkey, etc etc. Great work my friend!

  22. vientolunar77 says:

    Great interview bro!! ..keep on rocking on a FLAT world!! Regards from argentina, let me know if you want create a net of ppl on different locations to execute observations on real time relate to the sun, moon and stars

  23. vientolunar77 says:

    Great interview bro!! ..keep on rocking on a FLAT world!! Regards from argentina, let me know if you want create a net of ppl on different locations to execute observations on real time relate to the sun, moon and stars

  24. free man says:

    Their done. It's happening.

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