Is Organic Food Actually Better?

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Is organic food better. Yes. There is actual science showing that organic food has higher nutritional value and leads to better overall health. There are many reasons why organic food is better.

Check out some of the articles mentioned about organic food to find out why and how.

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12 Responses

  1. Silvia Logan says:

    I want to buy organic food, but my father complains that it is too expensive. If a person with cancer eats all organic food, will it cure his or her cancer, even if it is stage 4?

  2. Debbie L says:

    I've talked to Health Food Store owners about the organic issues. First, let me say anytime I eat organic fruit or vegetables, they have so much FLAVOR than non-organic! I agree with what Jerry Snelling is saying – there are ways around being truly organic and games are being played by our Government and some farmers. And may God Bless our farmers! We need them but they have to now bow to many government regulations and taxation, it is hard for them to make a living. We travel full-time so we can't know our local farmers, etc. We have to trust the stores that sell the produce. We do read the labels and do our best to make good purchases. It's not easy, though!

  3. Safeera Beegum says:

    My mom suffering from 4th stage melanoma.she is not in chemo .but now she has ng pipe for feeding..she refused to eat anything.she is really tired and always sleeping.we are feeding her with carrot ,beet,ginger,and leaves which are available here naturally..can I use coffee enemas for her

  4. skimmer521 says:

    Newly diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer s/t lumpectomy. Awaiting results of oncotyping to determine if chemo is needed.
    Here's the problem: I am changing my diet drastically, using the laetrile and juicing. I would like to use Rick Simpson oil but am a professional nurse which means I will fail drug testing and lose my job that pays for my life.
    Any other Arizona nurses out there with the same predicament?

  5. Van Allen says:

    Fresh organic fruits and veg taste waaaaaaay better……. that is all you need to know.

  6. Sam Gallant says:

    how do we know the government is not tampering with our organic food supply? you know they have the whole depopulation agenda going on, I am not sure I fully trust organic, but I will still try to buy as much organic as I can….still better then full GMO garbage.

  7. MrGHLover107 says:

    I choose organic if I can't find gmo free

  8. ipwnukazu says:

    Yeah but the fertilizers they use in organic foods isn't that great either sadly

  9. Jerry Snelling says:

    I'd like to add a different angle to this conversation! I farm naturally–no pesticides or chemicals of any kind. I don't need the "organic label" because I'm above and beyond that! Even the best "organics" are grown on depleted soils and there are very few nutrients! I grow in a blend of forest soil/compost and nutrient values are off the charts! There are a lot of farmers just like me! If you truly value your health–you should be buying from a local farm. Do your research and your body will thank you for it! It does make a difference!

  10. travel_dave says:

    But to be fair to Chris he did state in another video that you should not pursue a raw vegan diet if you are on chemo, due to bacteria/viruses on the surface of fruit and vegetables. It would be more accurate to say that chemo temporarily suppresses your immune system rather than the rather emotive "destroys", but good job.

  11. travel_dave says:

    In the video description – "There is actual science showing that organic food has higher nutritional value". Funny how you are pointing to "actual acience" when it suits your agenda i.e. raw organic food, and you dismiss actual science as big a pharma conspiracy when it comes to the effectiveness of chemo, surgery and radiation.

  12. Dom Lang says:

    Well said!

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