Is This Edible Blob The New Water Bottle?

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The “Ooho” water capsule hopes it waste-free packaging will reduce the climate impact of plastic bottles.

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33 Responses

  1. Grace Stidham says:


  2. SuperPlayz Gaming - Roblox & More says:

    And they are sold in plastic bags…

  3. JJordan1012 says:

    Madalyn is beautiful.


    This thing will save the world

  5. YanPPT Dev says:

    how to contain it.
    package with ice. melt it when you get bac

  6. Lakshya Middha says:

    But is it as strong as a water bottle

  7. Hatem nab says:

    Normal water is still better
    Don’t @ me

  8. prankster_gangster 51 says:

    Everyone else: eats the blob
    Me: squish squish

  9. Aniketh shivashakthi says:

    nicely done we have done something on this topic do check 🙂
    link :

  10. Andrei Gomez says:

    Maybe a coffee edible blob would work for people who love coffee

  11. BTSARMY lover says:

    Wow this will be soo useful for me

  12. MJJ says:

    the best drink in the world

  13. Noah Thompson says:

    Does it taste like water? Because in the video it says that it's made out of algae and/or seaweed.

  14. Alterius Zhang says:

    Meant to reduce plastic => comes in bottles of plastic that would otherwise carry more water. Lol

  15. Creeper Kickers says:

    i got a water pur commercial before watching this XD

  16. Adque says:

    It's interesting but unfortunately it doesn't replace the most important part of the water bottle: hygiene!!! Those blobs have to be protected from everything since you're putting them in your mouth with the water. Containing water isn't the problem per se.

  17. vault boy says:

    finaly i can say im eating water

  18. xipera 19 says:

    that's not a water bottle

  19. Surubu says:

    that's a nice idea let's sell it with a plastic bag!

  20. Dope Bookworm says:

    I wanna try Ooho NOW!!!! (WITH FLAVORS/JUICES)

  21. Schulsche YT says:

    finnaly found it

  22. Zaaambieez says:

    –And they'll fail because they're going to be sold for $35 each
    But yeah- The logistics of these would be troublesome.

  23. Snusarn Thor says:

    Well if you'd put these blobs in a plastic bottle that could keep them from popping this could actually work in practice!

  24. GamingDen says:

    Does it dissolve in your mouth..?

  25. Sahid Amaya says:

    anyone here because of IFunny?

  26. caci says:

    Imagine having those in vending machines but with juice and sodas along with water…

  27. Nikita Morozov says:

    put beer in that and im in

  28. Mlg game and more slyusar says:

    xD took so long just put water and make jelly xD so easy if you know how jelly works and the important thing

  29. RosieFern Fernandez says:

    wantto taste it, even though its water

  30. Heavens Brethren says:

    jelly inside would be even better 🙂

  31. japzone says:

    Only problem I see with this is that blobs are a pain to transport. They could easily be punctured or crushed which could make a mess and waste water. And where am I supposed to put one while driving? Also there doesn't seem to be any way to refill them which is a tad annoying, though admittedly people throw away water bottles all the time. Finally, how would you bulk package these?

  32. alski says:

    gang gang

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