It Begins! Indiana IGA Can’t Process Food Stamps, SNAP Could Be Cut to Millions

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Well, as Daisy Luther reports from her Organic Prepper blo g, it’s starting early. As we discussed previously, we weren’t expecting to see a loss of food stamp benefits until the end of January, but a grocery store in Indiana reported they are unable to process EBT payments.

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29 Responses

  1. Junior Lewing Koo says:

    Folks, I've lived in NYC for 31 years. Presently, I'm residing in my native Trinidad & Tobago. Home is always home. That said, Asia, Europe an the US are literally broke or bankrupt!

    May God help us all.

  2. C J says:

    Let Trump know this, right away, any way you can. He said it wouldn't affect food stamp recipients. I wouldnt be surprized if some one on the lower tier set it up this way to make Trump look bad.

  3. utubn guugles says:

    Time to scout out rich neighborhoods and their refrigerators

  4. NeoAndersonReloaded says:

    Start fasting its good for you. 48hrs, water only.

  5. Bobby McCowan says:

    food … its best to stock up on all foods specially seeds to plant ur own food .. see what happens when you get a stupid ass for our president. are you all now happy trump supporters. he fooled you all I wish they get him out of office before he fucks up again

  6. Troy Thomas says:

    They better get out and get a job. The Obama legacy unraveling fast! Thank You President Trump!

  7. One Man Army says:


  8. Thomas Roberts says:

    This is false…quit spreading lies

  9. Dennis Robinson says:

    the RFID chip

  10. Man on an island says:

    The Jobs that illegal immigrants were doing ,can be done to replace the snap /ebt money your not going to get .

  11. Kimberly Nott says:

    These things must come to pass keep your eyes mind and soul on jesus christ

  12. Ms NLasVegas says:

    Food banks.

  13. Adam Burnett says:

    pray for the people out there

  14. Randy Hutchinson says:

    GOOD, maybe, kinda, hell I don't know

  15. Ambie Ve says:

    So is this the start of everyone needing to be prepared for 6mo

  16. Appleseed AI says:

    good starve those leeches out of our country

  17. Little Skummer Boy. says:

    Bummer. Instead of getting a handle on reckless kids breeding, we let it go, and now we plan to starve them. 5G comming to clean up the mess. Zombies want their 5g.

  18. Brenda Milles says:

    Y'all better read forget r Kelley an Facebook read an stock up an stick together

  19. Karen Lee says:

    I am supposed to get food stamps through Social Security disability. I do not get them because every time you use the food stamp card you'll get dirty looks. And you get at least one of them behind you in the line that mumbles under their breath welfare rat. They call you or welfare rat so screw it I know where there's at least two churches that give out food

  20. mr Jones says:

    Really? EBT cut off I'm not buying it?…Story sounds not accurate for U.S. stores….This country will flip on it's side if food cards shut down!..//

  21. Frmhevn * says: Trump calls for less transparency in War coverage!!

  22. Swarthy Communique says:

    Martial Law is coming

  23. Sherie Kelly says:

    What did Americans so before snap and wic programs. Stop having kids that you can't feed or if you have them ..don't depend on the gov to take care of them

  24. R6Mute Main says:

    Good. Let the uprising begin!

  25. luvapet21694 says:

    This has nothing to do with govenment shut down. Texas SNAP works just fine.

  26. alan sullivan says:

    Sad for the people that really need help but good for the bums that take advantage of us all–if your not crippled get a damn job

  27. will edwards says:

    if welfare recipients can reallocate their funds to food instead of cigarettes, drugs, booze, $250 sneakers, the lastest iPhones, and lottery tickets they will be just fine.

  28. Ejb954 says:

    Great News . maybe the gov will come together if the people start feeling and bitching about this BS

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