It’s Silly To Garden In Winter?

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It’s Pointless To Garden In Winter at the allotment – it’s just silly – right? Wrong!

When is the best time to start to garden. I say winter. Watch the video and I explain why it’s not Pointless To Garden In Winter!

Hey Gardeners DON’T CLICK :0)


A few folk have asked about the equipment I use to record my videos and how I get the buttery smooth shots – I’d like to say it’s me but alas it’s not me – it’s the equipment.

Below is what I use:

Main Camera: Panasonic HC-VX1 4K: This never lets you down and produces great wide stunning shots in 4K

Second Camera: GoPro Hero Black 7: This IS THE camera if you have an allotment. It is by far the best and easiest to use – video is stunning!!!

Third Camera: Note 9: If I have no camera and need video… this is a great video caperture phone – 4K is stunning.

Main Mic: RØDE VideoMic Pro+ Microphone – Black: The quality is unmatched.

Second Mic: Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone: Back up if the wind is too great

Indoor Mic: PR 40: Omph – if you are going into this for real – audio is even more important that video. This mic is a dream sound.

27” iMac: I have used Macs all my life – not one has let me down. Rock solid with rock solid software. I use Apple’s Final Cut Pro

Main Tripod: K & F Concept Tripod: I have tried all so many tripods some way way more expensive. This one is great, lightweight… but opens tall enough to still get me in the shot and I am 6” 4”!

Second Tripod (for GoPro Hero 7) Joby GorillaPod SLR-Zoom: This is the idea tripod when in allotment as you can stick it anywhere and record great shots

Light: Neewer 176 LED 5600K: I use this all the time now great for dull days (we get lots of those).

DISCLAIMER: My recommendations description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

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It’s Pointless To Garden In Winter,

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35 Responses

  1. Spencer's Nursery says:

    good video as always,seeing your site and how good it looks im going to start to do no dig over the next few years

  2. Ronald Shaw - Car Park Growing Area says:

    Great video Tony again, I'm glad I don't have to go up or down to the growing area I LIVE ON IT, Yes it is therapeutic and I only start doing it in 2017, I've already started some of my seeds off in my grow light box in the flat, roll on February so I can get my other stuff started, Thanks for sharing, TAKE CARE MAN.

  3. Gardiner's Plot says:

    great video buddy!

  4. Mark Caselius says:

    Need to do something to get out of the house. Can't think of anything better than a good workout in the garden to get the juices flowing. And no mosquitos!

  5. Diane Irvine says:

    So true. I feel the same way.

  6. David Redgate says:

    Great motivating video Tony,you got me convinced to get into my plot and I've never missed a week.
    Your right it's not wrong this is the start of the growing year,come on get your hands dirty.

  7. Richierich77 says:

    Spot on Tony! Getting outside this time of year really helps keep the winter blues at bay.

  8. Paul williamson says:

    Come on Tony gardeners are thought of as ,dare I say it MAD.Even by our other half going out at midnight onto the plot.When commenting to people about the taste difference between shop bought produce and plot grown.Even when there is evidence that your onions or Beetroot will run rings around the shop bought there is still that: well you can buy it cheaper at the super market : comment.

  9. keaton smith says:

    Alright, have you got any tips on getting an allotment faster or will I just have to wait the 6+ years. I’ve been on the list about 5-6 years

  10. Mark Green says:

    Hi Tony new to gardening but got the big big style last year growing 15 different varieties of chillies. This year only going for 4 different kind however going to give onions and potatoes a go too!

  11. Allotmental says:

    Another thing I like is less people interupt me while I'm trying to get things done!! Peeeeeeeeace!!

  12. Andy Wright says:

    Great vid I've Spent all day on my plot today got loads done

  13. 50 shades of green says:

    Testify Brother Tony, TESTIFY !!…… !! i know i jest but you are so true, this is the best time to get things done !! my garden in my Sanctuary, it's my only out door time i have and this year i'm going to make the most of it !!

  14. The dawn chorus Plot says:

    Your so right tony, when you know you’ve a job to do and you put it off, it pulls you down, but if you do that job it lifts your spirit, and makes you feel good, hope you feel better soon mate, regards alan

  15. Valeria Szekula says:

    So sorry you've the flu of doom again, but if it's the same you might have not taken good care of yourself so bend over…. Or…it's a diferent one as your body makes anti cells for flu and this one is another one then I'll spare the rod 😉 wink wink…just kidding you, can't help myself sorry…. I'm going to start this month for sure with the seeds, my herbs will go into the small heated grower thingy, sorry can't think of the right name for it but it's a tiny thing that's heated and can sit on my kitchen counter. It will warm up the soil with seeds and make it grow and if it comes up I'll replant it and put that on the sills everywhere I can. Hope you'll feel better soon and I totally agree, get outside, take some fresh air and let all the worries get out of your head or rethink them while digging or anything garden related because then you'll get the answers IMHO xoxo take care and take joy

  16. Lena McCown says:

    So true.

  17. Biblical says:

    Also i was thinking the other day, if your doing no dig is green manure not an option

  18. Biblical says:

    Im out all the time in winter, even if its just looking where seeds will go for the summer.

  19. Paul -Johnno- Johnson says:

    Great clip again mucker, still can't face mine with my man flu, it's got worse !!!!!!

  20. Anthony conran says:

    How do tony….

  21. My Garden and the Dinosaurs Who Live There says:

    Totally agree Tony. I find gardening so good for me mentally and physically I couldn't bear not doing it over the winter. I wrap up warm and get out there in more or less any weather. There's always tidying to do or planning for the next growing year.

  22. Digwell Greenfingers says:

    Not a lot to do on the allotment in winter with no-dig. Just dump some more compost and weed the paths.

  23. kenneth Murtagh says:

    Brilliant as usual tony bloodmice eat all my little seedlings in my polytunnel lucky i have a good reserve mate

  24. Jennifer B. says:

    love your up beat attitude. keep up the great vids. & feel better…

  25. Robert Flanagan says:

    I went to the plot today and enjoyed it

  26. Steve Davies says:

    The only problem with winter is the colds and flu that come with it. It murders my lungs, so I'm cowering at home and will be joining you on the honey and lemon. Still, will sort out a schedule for the seeed sowing, and get the heated propagator dusted down, along with my led grow lamp.
    Take care mate.

  27. PRO bong says:

    You have motivated me to go turn my compost pile. I have let it sit for months and not turned it. Todays the day.

  28. Nick's Allotment Diary says:

    Hi Tony, definitely time to get some jobs done before the seed sowing starts in earnest. I’m trying to hold off on setting seeds going this year because low light levels make for leggy seedlings. Hope you feel better soon mate. Take care. Nick

  29. Rich T says:

    Totally agree with you, You cant beat going down the plot to de-stress even if you just have a wonder about and have a bit of a tidy it makes you feel better
    all the best

  30. Wendy Rowland says:

    By the time we have walked the dogs, checked that non of the tack sheep have got their heads stuck in the fence, fed the hens and admired the spinach and leeks( the leeks look so pretty I regret digging them up), my engine runs down and I have to do a bit of sitting. Will wash out the flower pots one day, some day.

  31. My Family Garden says:

    Totally agree, It's a brilliant time to prep the garden, get mulch down, get set up for the coming season. Well done for battling through top man!

  32. Brenda Chapman says:

    So Sorry You Are Having Another Man Flu. May I Suggest That You Disinfect The Counters And All Your Knobs Around The House. Those Nasty Germs Can Live Up To Two Weeks On Surfaces. Sometime Food Poisoning Can Have The Same Systems As The Flu. Sorry I'am A Germaphobic. LOL… Love Your Channel! Much Love and Blessings

  33. SurvivalAustria says:

    Great video, I really enjoyed watching, love that.


  34. UK Here We Grow says:

    I love winter. Its the best thing ever It allows you to relax more during the growing season and you enjoy it much more. But also it resets the garden, its much easier to get on top of things and set you right for the coming year. Great video Tony 🙂

  35. Sew and Grow says:

    So inspirational …I shed a tear or two. I am raring to go and desparately trying to stay positive. Thanks Tony . Patricia x

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