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The Big Family Homestead crew is getting to work on the Self Reliant Roadshow bus… today we are removing all of the furniture and getting the nitty gritty on the electrical system.

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36 Responses

  1. Fiona C says:

    A Steam canner is not for low acid foods or meat. Dial gauge or weighted gauge Pressure canners are the only safe ways to can meat.

  2. Kimmies991 says:

    That is not a pressure cooker,  use it where you would water bath can only.  There is an electric pressure canner called the Carey Canner that you can pressure can in.  But you can only can in small batches, 4 qts. at a time. Its great for canning beans!  I got mine online at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Don't forget to use the 20% off coupon if your interested!

  3. Donna Christianson says:

    A steam canner, like a water bath canner, is only for high acid foods. It cannot replace a pressure canner. Meats and other low acid foods have to be pressure canned in order to be safe to eat.

  4. Procrastinatorgarage says:


  5. Arnold Olson says:

    You make it all look so easy… Have fun, soon it will pay off. God Bless.

  6. Annette Rose says:

    That's for water bath canning only. It doesn't build pressure.

  7. Donna Hoffman says:

    That side curved wall might work for a table!

  8. Gregory Thomas says:

    Steam Canners can be used to process anything that can be processed in a water bath canner…high acid fruits & vegetables.

  9. Arlen Payne says:

    Hey Brad, turn the music down, we had a hard time hearing some of the dialogue.

  10. Crazy in Love with Jesus ! says:

    This is not a mean comment … but i just wanna know what the fascination is with the music in the background … it seems lots of channels have started that ..and it is just so very distracting when you are talking. I personally have a hearing disability ( and i know I can't be the only one ) and the music just garbles the voices. I love your videos every day ..never miss one .. please consider us old disabled people when making your vids ..we need help hearing you and turning up your volume if possible .is a great thing !! Love to all your family God Bless !!

  11. cheryl charuhas says:

    well? pressure or water?

  12. Mimi Jacobs says:

    Guys just FYI, that steam canner is NOT a substitute for pressure canning.

  13. Sheryl Anne Jacobs says:

    Mr. B was sent by God to the Big Family.

  14. Mike DiFazio says:

    That looks a little like Boba Fett's ship. Maybe?

  15. 6996katmom says:

    I want to hear ya'lls lovely voices. Cut the music. My hubby comes home with all kinds of stuff. He says, "It was on sale." Now, where to put the "stuff"? Have a Wonderful Day!

  16. starsinaforest says:

    When the campers have nicer kitchens than my house.. makes me rethink where I wanna be..

  17. Janine Gober says:

    Brad, gloves are a good thing!

  18. 1994abbygirl says:

    Steam canner is not for pressure canning! I have two stove top and I love them. No more heavy water bath canning! Blessings!

  19. Eric Johnson says:

    That's not a stocking that's a sleeping bag.

  20. Sandy Jacobs says:

    ment with us

  21. Sandy Jacobs says:

    I have been watching you all for along time before you had sold your home and all the stuff you all had to deal with but i really really really enjoyed this one because you shared some in home time with is is what i really enjoy in the 4 i watch every day and oh did i say teally a time or 2 lo

  22. Margaret Oliver says:

    Steam canners are not pressurized. Only for water bath safe stuff.

  23. Cathy Behrens says:

    Steam canning only replaces water-bath canning :). Makes it a lot more efficient, though!

  24. Diana C says:

    Is there anything PSB doesn't know about? So far he seems to be an expert on everything.

  25. ruth melton says:

    that stocking is for Bigfoot lol

  26. Kathy Van says:

    Crista…thanks! I ordered the steam canner (and a few other things). I have one, without the temperature feature, and have used it for 10 years. Love it. Since there’s only two of us left in the house, you can even do two or 3 pints of something at a time. True it’s not a water bath or pressure process but, it rocks!

  27. Carol Taylor says:

    It's a bit hard to hear you when there is music playing in the background.

  28. Lily Langman says:

    What are you going to do with the Bus? I am assuming camping??????

  29. Barbara Nelson says:

    This just replaces a water bath canner

  30. beach Life says:

    Nice work y all ,,

  31. Donna Ledington says:

    I bought 4 packs of Cake Bites during the sale.. My husband LOVES them!

  32. Sam Massey says:

    Hey Brad there is a wonderful invention to keep your hands from freezing…lol…. pretty sure you have them laying around… someplace..think they call them gloves….lol
    Your a man after my own heart… train's..have had 3 tables … you can get very creative .,…lots of videos on them .

  33. Pat Bootie says:

    You need to go on WISH and buy yourself those heated stay dry biker gloves. Hey are from one hundred to three hundred a pair, but you can get them for much less than 15! Wish is ran by items being sold at the same time and you lock in price, decide in one hour if you want that price or not!

  34. AK Washkeeton says:

    Many differences from "steam canning" vs pressure canning. You can't replace the pressure canning with the steam. A pressure caner is made to build the pressure so the temp rises to a min of 240 degrees that kills botulism. A steam caner will not be able to do the same.

  35. zaneymay says:

    What is the paypal account to send money?

  36. sagittarian1955 says:

    I'd love to know more about that steam canner. I hope you do a product review and/or demo!

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