Jamie Oliver on making the perfect omelette – Jamie’s Ministry of Food

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Omelette recipe from the Ministry of Food campaign. www.jamieoliver.com Jamie’s Ministry of Food first aired on Channel4 in the UK in September 2008

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39 Responses

  1. Steve Wood says:

    This dope is a snowflake, lefty, islamic sympathiser.

  2. Josie Blanco says:

    I love the way you cook very educational

  3. kaz raj says:

    If that pans 6 or 7” then my c$<k is 27”

  4. Gertrude Perkins says:

    7 inches? Wow he is terrible at estimating sizes lol

  5. U B says:

    Good recipe for heart attack…

  6. Scott Devlin says:

    I used child’s plastic fork works spot on no spoiled pan

  7. Tatang Onyok says:

    why would anyone upload a video that is 240p?

  8. Grecia 99 fashon says:

    Wheres is the subtitles?… I'm from cd. Juarez chihuahua mexico saludos jamie…

  9. Duggy says:

    I don't know why I just watched a video on how to make an omelette. I was hoping there would be some hidden secret but no he just made an omlette…

  10. Gabriel Afonso says:

    I suggest everyone watch Jean Pierre version of omelette, this guy is hack, plus he’s British

  11. Hitmonkey says:

    I put paprika and chilli flakes in the egg mixture before I pour it in the pan. Then for filling I like to use cheese, onion, and red peppers

  12. Dorian RM says:

    Organic eggs….but a Teflon skillet? You lost me. Go get yourself a carbon steel pan like a real chef Jamie.

  13. Wolf Viking says:

    I love the 4k quality in this video truly amazing

  14. Rhys Roberts says:

    Please can you make ham and cheese toasty

  15. Brakkeleer Thuis says:

    No cheese in my egg! No way!

  16. Eva Steininger says:

    Jamie, the fabulous pan destroyer! OMG!!!

  17. RegmoX says:

    This is way too much work.

  18. Nintendorak Yamato says:

    Too fast

  19. Cole - says:

    i like the quality of this video

  20. Dewi Wide says:

    Omelette is my favarite food,,,

  21. Wanderer says:

    Well it must really be nice to have so much money you can just use Teflon pans and scrape the crap out of them with metal utensils while showing us how to cook why not! It gets scratched, replace it with something else. You're not even paying for it because you're probably a sponsor. It's absurd to cook like that. Stop it Jamie

  22. lepas devis says:


  23. ankush budhiraja says:

    British cuisine sucks but british chefs dont

  24. Tmanaz480 says:


  25. Stef Ok says:

    3:27…flap it!!???..you mean flip it.

  26. V T says:

    Brits have worst haircuts

  27. christschinwon says:

    I've just started doing omeletts in tortilla wraps. Try it. Outstanding!

  28. Suave Slavchov says:

    hahaha bro just change the profession….

  29. Vincent Senecal says:

    Jacques Pépin can teach you

  30. Wojciech Jabłoński says:

    gordon is better

  31. Recepty bez brepty says:

    Super! 🙂

  32. Laura Renda says:

    Love that there is a place to see a Great chef work! Love Jamie Oliver.. Love love omelets!

  33. John Tanks says:

    I don’t really put butter

  34. dekzan says:

    I triedvto do it 600 times, it always gets stuck

  35. Haris Manou says:

    The best omellet in the world is with Metsovone cheese

  36. Laminator says:

    240p Holy crap

  37. Andi Bell says:

    I don’t think it looks done

  38. Jack T says:

    Simple. Cheap. Fast. What do you like for a non-stick pans?

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