June/July 2018 Green|Clean|Eco Beauty Empties

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Aloha friends,

Here are my empties for June and July 2018.

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*****all products in this video were purchased by me*****

Honua Skincare:
Pa’akai Cleanser
Hawaiian Beauty Water
Ōlena Beauty Oil
Aloha Youth Serum
Moana Ocean Lovers Mask
Aina Land Lovers Mask

Timeless Skincare Matrixyl Syntha 6 Serum
De Mamiel Intense Nutrient Antioxidant Serum
Ziip Beauty Golden Conductive Gel
Leahlani Skincare Bohemian Ruby Toner
Fitglow Beauty:
Vita Active Gel Cleanser
Calming Cleaning Milk
Lip Color Serum in Go
Vita Active Foundation VF3
Good Lash + Mascara

MineTan Super Dark Coconut Water Self Tanner
Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel in Vanilla Coconut


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11 Responses

  1. ruth chari says:

    You are glowing…new subbie here hope we can support each other

  2. Barbara Munn says:

    Aloha Jenn, I just saw something that I had to ask you about, Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite Faceware Pro have you heard anything about it?

  3. Green Beauty Project Adriana says:

    Interested in the self tanner! Sounds great!

  4. greenjewelbeautea 1 says:

    Beautiful reviews Jenn! I really want to try a fit glow lip serum. They get such rave reviews! I agree I don’t think I’ve ever finished a lip gloss haha.

  5. Janice Duerr says:

    I just started Beauty Heroes and am enjoying the Ayuna cream. Try Thrive Market online for great prices on Primal Fuel and many other organic foods and supplements. I order several times a year and the prices save me about 15% or more and they often have fabulous specials. Just got primal fuel 6 packets perfect for travel, grain-free bag of granola and a quart of coconut milk free with a $69 order.

  6. G. L. Greenlaw says:

    Hey Bella, I think Credo has a program as you describe: taking back empties and earning points but I'm not sure that there is one in Hawai'i. 🙁 P. S. Can you rx an SPF without shea that won't melt off the face? A green beauty one? Thank you!!!

  7. LL says:

    I’m watching as I’m making some tacos with homemade tortillas and salsa and I had to stop to say yaaaaaay! 🙂 Thank you! I’ll have to come back and fully comment!

  8. My Life Wendy says:

    Congratulations to the winner!! Jenn you look absolutely Gorgeous!! I am definitely gong to try this Collagen as soon as I am done with the one I am using now.. I agree this and Turmeric just is magical together!! In fact I am going to make a latte now.. I really enjoyed your empties.. (It is one of my favorites to watch).. Wishing you a beautiful weekend sis!! Bug Hugs and Lots of Love!!

  9. A Loomis says:

    I also loved the DeMamiel products that were in the Beauty Heroes box, but the price makes me hesitant

  10. Barbara Munn says:

    Aloha Jenn, can you please tell us if there is a product that will get rid of skin tags on neck and décolletage area? The skin tags are small but a nuisance. Thank you. Take Care. ~Barbara

  11. lilacdream1000 says:

    I need to ask what's in your skin makeup wise and skincare wise, you look so glowy and radiant and beautifu. XOXOXO

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