Keto360 Challenge | TTAC x Ancient Nutrition | 30-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge

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You’ve most likely heard of the ketogenic diet by now… but there are many misconceptions out there about eating keto. We’re here to clear that up! Get started with Keto360 today:

Jordan Rubin begins by sharing more about the regeneration process that our bodies were designed to accomplish. Researchers around the world at major universities are unlocking the amazing benefits of ketosis and sharing keto results.

Tune into learn how the keto diet is different from atkins… And how to kick bad fats to the curb. We’ll learn more about healthy fats like coconut and avocado as we talk more about this easy keto diet.

So, what is Keto360? The ultimate guide to the keto diet for beginners! It’s a holistic approach to keto to make sure you stay healthy and do it right. It’s a sustainable way to support energy levels, boost your brain, and help reshape your body.

They incorporate the groundbreaking science of user-friendly intermittent fasting. Keto is not just more supplements and more fat. Keto360 shows people how and when to eat… without the calorie counting!

Did you know there’s a right vs. wrong way to keto? Tune into this video to learn more from Dr. Axe about what you really want to load up on during this diet.

Tune into to learn the 3 phases of Keto360, and the 30-day roadmap that includes keto recipes, keto tips, keto meal prep, and much more.

Get started with Keto360 today:
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About Ancient Nutrition
Ancient Nutrition believes the human body was built for high performance. Their whole food nutritional products are designed to provide Ancient Nutrients in a modern, convenient form to power the body and mind, restoring health, strength, and vitality of our ancestors.

Learn more about Ancient Nutrition here:
About Dr. Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS
Dr. Axe is a co-founder of Ancient Nutrition and a doctor of natural medicine, doctor of chiropractic, and clinical nutritionist with a passion to help people get well using food as medicine, and operates one of the world’s largest natural health websites:

Dr. Axe is a best-selling author of the ground-breaking health book Eat Dirt, which uncovers the hidden causes and cures of leaky gut syndrome.
About Jordan Rubin
Jordan is a co-founder of Ancient Nutrition and is one of America’s most-recognized and respected natural health experts. He is the New York Times bestselling author of The Maker’s Diet, and 25 additional titles, including his latest work Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine.

An eco-entrepreneur and lecturer on health and nutrition, Jordan has shared a message of natural health in five continents and 46 states in the U.S. Jordan is the founder of Garden of Life®, a leading whole food nutritional supplement company, and Beyond Organic a vertically integrated organic food and beverage company. Jordan has formulated hundreds of dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages including many #1 top sellers in the Healthy Foods channel.

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13 Responses

  1. J tc says:

    Love you guys, but KETO is mostly nonsense. Good oils and fats, yes. Otherwise "whole foods plant based" is the way to health.

  2. WordAboveAll says:

    You dont waste away from fasting. If one is wasting away then it is not true fasting. If done properly it is amazing for your body. I dont believe in any cure all remedy but if there is….it would be water fasting. Read Herbert Shelton, Jason Fung.

  3. Silvia Logan says:

    Does the ketogenic diet cure people with all kinds of cancers even if it is stage 4 or can it prevent one from getting this disease the first place?

  4. Richard Greenwood says:

    It is immoral to kill animals full stop.

  5. Jodi Kaili says:

    Keto is NOT good for cancer folks!! Have you done your research?

  6. fingurl ECG says:

    Thank you guys. I appreciate your bringing this out and hope you get a lot of people on the challenge.

  7. barbara charis says:

    72 years ago, I started dieting in order to lose at 13. It was a total struggle most of my life. At 46…I found answers, when I met a very healthy 50 year old man who looked like 30. He was beating out 20-30 year olds in physique contests. He had been a total raw food vegetarian, since he was 16. He did not eat processed food or dairy. He could eat 5 pounds of mangoes in a sitting. I followed what he did and the next year was written up in Vegetarian Times. They published my story and a picture of me in a bathing suit. After having 4 children, I was so thrilled to weigh 117 pounds. Well, today at 85, I weigh 113 pounds…and do 2000 or more stairs daily for exercise. People in this country are taught by rote learning; accepting what they are taught without thinking. Put yourself back to the fire….no stoves…no processing. What did people really eat? FRUIT was the primary food of mankind. It has bulk, fiber and nutrients. I don't eat 100% fruit; try to eat at least 3 or more pounds daily. I have no physical problems and exercise daily. Diabetes is caused by the consumption of grains….which turn to sugar, when eaten.Excess fat and excess protein are equally dangerous; they both contribute to many health problems. In a lifelong search for health, many serious problems were solved by giving up foods that caused them. For 57 years I have been into nutrition research; doing 30 years of nutrition research in the process.

  8. Karyne Gough says:

    You guys are fabulous but this promotion of the Keto diet is way off the mark. I'm very disappointed. The comments here are not indicative of the amount of negative responses as most people wouldn't bother to leave a comment. I'm leaving a comment because I care about you guys and the good work you have done. Chris Walk has a much better grasp on the side effects of the keto diet. Why are we trying to complicate something simple- eat fresh organic, preferably a lot of raw salad and vegetable, drink plenty of filtered or pure water, eat meat rarely and tune into The Medical Medium, Anthony Williams who makes a heap of sense. My husband who was a meat lover has virtually turned vegan, is taking off weight and is looking incredible. People are giving him compliments for how clear his skin and eyes look etc. It is ridiculous to drink the milk of another animal unless we are facing starvation. Lots of fat is not good for you at all. Disappointed.

  9. Jarmila Dockum says:

    I don't use no diet at all , i eat everything ,but i believe what i learn from my grandmother eat everything in moderation. She lived till 93 and really never been sick in her whole life. She raised her pig, chickens, and cow. she was self efficient ,make her own butter, lard kielbasy, beacon, headcheese and many others products, but i never saw her over eating. she baked her bread , cakes, cookies ,never drank soda. I am doing everything what i learn from her , and i am 54 y/o , 5'9 and 132lb, never take flu shot or any vaccine and i never had flu , and i dont take any pills. I dont go to gym, not really exercise only work with patients when i was working and now staying at home and working in my own garden. My dr. cant believe how healthy i am and everything i eat and not gaining any weight. Secret i think it is to eat half way, never over eat. When you stop feeling hungry stop eating, dont eat until you cant breath or get of the table.

  10. Bhaleri says:

    Dr Julian Fung, a kidney specialist who has his own clinic in Toronto, Canada, discovered that diabetes was causing all the kidney failure problems of his patients on dialysis. So he very intelligently reasoned that in order to cure kidney problem, deal with the diabetes first. He now reverses Type 2 diabetes with a ketogenic diet along with intermittent fasting. Google him, he explains it all, and is a great speaker.

  11. Hawk eye says:

    Keto ruins the kidneys

  12. Deep Roots Detox says:

    You guys do such amazing work, but I’m actually shocked you are promoting a cancer causing diet! Please look into interviewing Dr. Robert Morse N.D. A naturopath, master herbalist and biochemist who has been healing others of “cancer” and other dis-eases for the past 50 years. I’m sorry to say that because you are promoting keto I will be unfollowing and no longer recommending TTAC. Makes me so sad! I do hope you look into this further and promote truth health with alkaline healing plant foods to your many followers.

  13. Afro Consciousness says:

    Dear Ty and Charlene, thank you for your excellent work, I was inspired by the Truth about Cancer to write a book on the subject, I would like to share a copy with you and your team, Can you please advise me where should I send the book? I am based in the UK

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