Kids Skincare Routine | Minimal + Clear Skin

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Tailored Beauty Everything Butter-

Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil -

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23 Responses

  1. Kylea Brown says:

    Does this little lady really need that stuff when she is already flawless

  2. katie french says:

    HER SMILE IS GOALS!!!!!! shes absolutely beautiful. anyone know her name

  3. Finesse Simmons says:


  4. Raix nbow says:

    she is so beautiful and cute

  5. ちゃんKimi says:

    Omg her smile is so cuteeee

  6. Olumuyuwa ayanlami says:

    Does it work if you broke out already?

  7. PandaBunCece says:

    I feel ugly like dangg her skin is so pretty and beautiful

  8. Cynthia Vasquez says:

    She so beautiful. Her skin is glowing!

  9. boyeon rhee says:

    I was gonna say “wtf”
    But all these products are extremely natural and rly good for kids

  10. Twilight Dream says:

    cutie she would have clear skin anyway cuz she’s young xxx

  11. Dunya's world says:

    her eyes r beautiful

  12. Jasmine Woodberry-Williams says:

    Hi hun, i just purchased the everything butter and im super excited. What are the measurements for the coconut oil and lavender oil. I have both products ..thx

  13. Dunya's world says:

    Does putting on oil on ur face clogge ur pores

  14. Tfhgb Aws says:

    so freakin cute

  15. UNKNOWN says:

    She's so adorable…

  16. melissa says:

    You don’t need skin care products!❤️

  17. Cora Nimchuk says:

    How old is she?

  18. Lucia Sonia says:


  19. Roberline Romulus says:

    Did u mix it with water

  20. Sweet Tips1218 says:

    She's so cute ❤ Dove has bad ingredients I use Raw sugar on my four year old…you can get at Target…

  21. musiliu adesola says:

    Can i get everything butter in the Netherlands Made by tailor?

  22. cheekybaby says:

    Dove soap is the best. I also use ivory as well.

  23. Fergie Ferg says:

    She's growing up so beautifully

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