Killing Fire Ants in One Day, Without Using Dangerous Chemicals or Pesticide

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I don’t use pesticide in my Secret Garden of Survival because I don’t want poisons in my organic food forest, that will end up in my food, in my animals, and in me.

However, Fire Ants do not have any natural enemies, so we have to find a way to get rid of them before they harm my garden, home and livestock.

This all natural organic spray of orange oil, molasses, and water will kill them by melting the fat covering that protects their bodies.

Learn how to make the spray and see how it kills the fire ants in this 2 ft. x 2 ft. mound in less than one day.

If you want to learn more about growing more food than you can eat, without chemicals, here are links to Rick’s books:

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38 Responses

  1. Rhonda Dills says:

    Hot wav

  2. Lynnm1956 says:

    I sprinkled Borax all over the mound & around it to catch strays. Results? Dead & gone. Bye bye. Very affordable & very effective. HOWEVER it will kill that patch of grass for awhile. Remember that part.

  3. TheJanka51 says:

    tea spoon of ortho orthene will get rid of them fast

  4. Leland Cox says:

    Three things I always wanted to try! Run a hose from the car or truck exhaust and blow it down the ant bed. Stick the hose from a butane bottle down an ant bed and turn it on slow! Open the valve on a tank of carbon dioxide and fill the ant bed with that!
    All three are heavier than air and would settle in the ant bed and suffocate the ants. I realize the Butane is flammable and could be a problem in an urban area!
    Anyone tried the above?, How successful was your attempt?

  5. Vicki B says:

    I'm sceptical. You may have killed some on top. But what about the queen? She hides deep down and then just moves to another place.

  6. Rene W says:

    Definitely going to try this! Thank you!

  7. Cherokee Rose says:

    Very nice video easy to do. But, I have been told that it does not matter if you kill the ant you MUST kill the queen. If the queen is not killed they will move her and start all over again in a different place. How do you kill the queen. Thank you

  8. Glenn and Jane Adventures says:

    Nice video! Check out our new product Ring of Fire on Kickstarter -and help us get this product available in the marketplace! #RingofFire

  9. Mari Morls says:

    Where can I find the orange oil?

  10. Greg Brooks says:

    Where do you buy orange oil

  11. Larry Lem says:

    What is the purpose of the molasses? I think that would be used to attract the ants, to get them to eat a mixture of substances. But in this case, you're simply spraying them and hoping for direct contact to result in death. Wouldn't the orange oil diluted with water be fine?

  12. David Harris says:

    Video doesn't verify next morning results. Did you dig up the nest again to make sure?
    Like water, it could've just scattered them around until they got recollected and just gone right back down in the same ground.

  13. Earth Man says:

    Homemade pesticide is still pesticide. Commercial pesticide can be good or bad. There are a lot of generalizations here.

  14. jesusneverexisted300 says:

    I think you should be saving those fire ants for those killer bees that will be soon hitting your areas in the next few years.

  15. runningfromtheherd says:

    Couldnt hear ya

  16. Darth Belal says:

    I like the guy's who pour molten aluminum down the hole and make art out of the nests ….

  17. Canyoueventhink? Probablynot. says:

    Boiling water is the best i've found… will kill the grass but it will fill back in later and its 100 safe and all you pay is the cost to heat the water.

  18. PeaceLoveVeggies says:

    is this still what you recommend? have you found that they come back or is there another approach you like better now?

  19. Christopher Wilgus says:

    All these are probably good fire ant killers,but aslways remember any mounds within eyesight are all connected, maybey even further,so spray all of them.

  20. Michael Horsford says:

    Lots of boiling water is the way to go it can take a few times over a few days but better than wasting money on chemicals

  21. Tim Xoque says:

    My flame thrower does the trick. 5 minutes at the crown and it's done. Oddly the next day thousands of dead ants were piled up all around the mound.

  22. Lee Sires says:

    I use Napalm. I pour 91% alcohol on them, then light em up. Gone instantly!

  23. Russ H. says:

    you had me until the end of the video — when you checked on the ants the next day why didn't you use a shovel or something to disturb the nest a little and see if there's any fire ants under there?

  24. Scott Mats says:

    I have tiny red ants when it crawls on the wall it's like a spider can't find their nest on my balcony should I bring my black ants to clear em off or it's a bad idea?

  25. jacques dubois says:

    I soak the ground with…..two gallons of…Gasoline… I let it soak in then light it… I'll burn for quite some time but that will wish them a fond adieu.. never to return.

  26. Raymond Aten says:

    Actually it's my understanding fire ants we're brought in from South America for whatever reason and because there was no natural predator in USA they then brought in red to try and control the fire ants.

  27. Bob Adkins says:

    An ant mound is just 1 of many that make up a colony of identical sisters covering an acre or more. Killing 1 nest helps a little. Home remedies rarely "kill the nest", the ants simply move to another area on established "highways". Larvae present does not mean there is a queen in that mound. Eggs are transported from the queens mound to the sattelite mounds. Best time to kill a mound is when larvae are present, the ants are reluctant to abandon them.

  28. Robert Larocque says:

    I noticed when I cover the mound with an old piece of rug the next day they moved the whole mound about 6 feet away. I think they need the sun to incubate the eggs. So this time I moved the rug over the new mound and stomped on it real hard. Can't wait till tomorrow to see if they move the mound again!!!

  29. Eye on art says:

    Amazing how mankinds way of doing anything is killing! Take a hose and full force of water and keep hitting pile, ants will leave. that is all i do and it works all the time! Ants do not deserve to die! Thay were put her for a purpose.

  30. doug king says:

    Take a quart mason jar bury it ground level next to mound fill with used motor oil give it a week pull out jar dispose of oil

  31. Neanderthal Ball says:

    Is that the greenskeeper from Caddy Shack?

  32. Neanderthal Ball says:

    I leave my ants alone. they help break up and mix compost

  33. Gary Verderamo says:

    HEY! You never made the video showing how to make the citrus oil. What gives? That was almost two years ago.

  34. Josh The chef says:

    Was half expecting him to just use a flame thrower

  35. Jackie Campbell says:

    why are you wispering? l can't hear a word you're saying.

  36. Adam Bilge says:

    Just drink a 12 pack of beer and piss on the ant mound. They will drown. If you wanted to, you could drink water instead of beer but how fun would that be.

  37. B hoot says:

    Adidas shoes hot water get a bucket of hot water and pour down there they're done you don't have to mix nothing been doing it for years

  38. Michael Tillman says:

    Interesting. However me being a cheap bas***d I've always done as my great grandfather taught me. Use two shovels and transfer one scoop from one ant bed into the other and vice versa. If your quick you can do this without getting bit and the ants will kill each other off. No cost and my pancakes are still sweet. It works well. I just leave the shovels out for a couple of hrs before picking them back up.

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