KNOWLEDGE ~~ They Can’t Take It From You

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You need to get what they can’t take from you — KNOWLEDGE and learn to use it now. Don’t wait until an LCE to start learning skills, Gain knowledge and put it into practice now.

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44 Responses

  1. Gypsy Brokenwings says:

    You are right on! I try to learn something new about the edible/medicinal plants in my area at least weekly, and USE THEM so it will be second knowledge. Speaking of snowflakes I saw a reporter saying due to the gov. shut down people were going to have PTSD from not getting their pay checks! I wish I could reach out and slap some sense into her. People are as limited as their brains tell them they are.

  2. Midsouth Homestead says:

    Thank you for this video. I started a journal weeks ago. I will be trying to fill it up with all I know. I think that homesteaders are being attacked. Just look a t Ron's channel being taken down at Sapper Gardner. If you think information will be here for ever, you're wrong. Thanks for all of your videos! Rhonda

  3. Theresa D says:

    Wise words Danny. I try to remind myself of these things on a regular basis. I try so hard to learn as much as I can while I can. Having the internet definitely helps with that right now but I know there may be a time when I won't have that available to me. I try to pack as much into this middle aged brain as I can. Hopefully some of it will stick. 🙂 I thank you and Wanda for all the knowledge that you so generously share with us. I have often taken out my notebook and made notes on some of the things you have shown us in your videos. Hopefully folks are paying attention. I am. – Blessings to you and Wanda – All the best. ~ Theresa

  4. North to Hope says:

    I recently got a Co2 bb pistol.. I can legally shoot it in our backyard .. Very tempting to "hunt" pigeons .. They almost outnumber our wild quail and other native birds we feed in our yard and they eat up most of the food we put put for the wild birds. I need target practice.. What do pigeons taste like?

  5. Sand Hollow Homestead says:

    Youtube has become LIb-Tube. Our 1st Amendment Rights have been sold out. Another sign of the coming.

  6. Jennifer Johnson says:

    This is sooo true!!! No matter what, at the end of the day all you have is your knowledge! I write down things all the time (it’s easier for me to memorize and learn that way) but the best way I learn is hands on. Move out of the way and let me do it. Love this video! Thanks daddy! Love you!

  7. Sun Set says:

    Hello from Upstate NY.
    History books "lost" that time when HERBAL MEDICINE books got burned.
    But actually, they burned the PEOPLE with the knowledge (passed down from generation to generation )
    This info was the beginning of medicine we use today (co.s just isolated certain properties and sold it for profit)
    They tried to keep the info from US !
    Oh, btw, those 1st Medical Colleges were sponsored by RELIGIOUS orgs hence calling Herbalists "WITCHES "

  8. LINDA BROWN says:

    About demonitizing channels, one channel that this happened to only shows old westerns. Question, I have a pet bunny and would like to know how to save her poop for fertilizer for several months until I find a new place to live. Right now I just dump it behind the garage in order to get the area back there more level. Thanks.

  9. john kraemer says:

    you should do some fishing videos mr danny

  10. John Hendrickson says:

    Thank you again. waiting on Patreon updates.

  11. Seeker of Truth says:

    Danny, would be a good show discussing ppl that will plunder and pillage homesteaders who have prepared and stored food. I wonder how any one couple could keep their home safe from a bunch of teenagers running rampant in just a local catastrophe. We all have to sleep and there is only so much ammo. What would we homesteaders do?? I guess I accidently posted this show idea in a thread instead of in a new one. Reposting. 🙂

  12. Pia Hess says:

    Wow,they are just getting ridiculous,and way too nit picky with the wording on video's.Nope no one will take away my knowledge,or my Love for our Savior.Yes,I have a bunch of paperback gardening books,and will be reading them more this year to remember what is important with plants,and seeds,and trees,and herbal plants.To identify them as best as I can.To keep them in my head.I am going to add rabbit manure to my soil this Spring.And get a compost barrel going.Going to get that soil testing kit,and learn about our soil.I am proud of myself for the many seeds I have saved over the past year especially.You two encouraged me to do this which i'm very thankful for.Thanks Danny great information and talk,as always.Still Praying for you all's just dumb situation with your uncareing and just rude neighbor's,and thier loud yapping dog's.Blessing's to you two also and Hank,and all your critter's.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡…….

  13. Sandra Nevins says:

    Porch time to fireside chat, thanks. My granddad said to me- "Learn something new everyday, because if you don't- consider the day wasted."

  14. azza7717 says:

    i joined your Patreon today

  15. Kay Dickerson says:

    Brain Power !

  16. Deb Long Mathenia says:

    Thank-you 🙂 Will you recommend some basic books to start with?

  17. Happilyretiredmark says:

    Patreon is pulling channels. Liberals are running all these outlets. Why doesn't anyone that doesn't mind conservative values run any internet sites?

  18. Rose Jacobs says:

    Oh! I forgot to say. I had a spiritual teacher once who said "wisdom is knowledge applied. Applied being the keyword."

  19. Rose Jacobs says:

    My husband and I were just talking about knowledge. We were going over all our books and journals and it's so good to have practical experience in addition to book learning.

  20. Sheri Papin says:

    Danny, you're absolutely correct. Gardening is not a once & done – "got it" type of success! We have tried many different varieties of seeds – in greenhouse, aquaponic, container, raised, ground level ground gardening. Some varieties must have several plants of each variety in order to pollinate properly with each other. I have journaled things for years, and I will say, that in our 2018 garden, there were some varieties that did well that never did before for us. I believe weather played a big part in that (also noted in the journal). Thank you for all the points you made in your video. Well stated!

  21. Charlotte says:

    I watch all I can hate to hear they need leave things alone I still trying get over on patreon ,Thank you Mr.Danny enjoy porch time God Bless

  22. J Jo says:

    Danny, what is the name of the video youtube pulled down; I'd like to view it for you and for me, too. Thanks! : )

  23. Troy Dottin says:

    Danny you needs to write books of this wisdom even booklets your wisdom beats college level so i learn from you as much as i can , thank to you for teaching and god bless

  24. a plan in mind says:

    I watched the live stream on Sunday. It was EXCELLENT! So much great, useful information. All 54K subs should watch it. Ya know, I think about the loss of electricity and technology. It would mean the loss of your teachings and knowledge. Have you considered putting your information onto paper. I know it is all information that is out there in print already, but you have a unique way of telling it. An ebook (told by Danny and Wanda) could be another source of revenue for you as well.

  25. Permaculture Homestead says:

    I love y'all. The message is so true, knowledge is still free, soak it up.

  26. bobby hoffman says:

    we need to read between the line, i listen to your words for other meanings, as Jesus said let him who has ears, let him hear. you said before we need to learn now. keep up the good work on training us

  27. Homesteading the Hard Way says:

    Danny please if you can elaborate on what's not allowed now ? I've never seen you put up anything offensive

  28. G'Maw's Garden says:

    a church I belonged to once, took annual trips to Mexico, my husband and I went on one of them, and it was quite eye opening for me. They caught rainwater in any thing they could find, their shelters were often made from signs they found, any kind of scrap material they could find. I saw chicken feet boiling in a pot of water. thnx for sharing.

  29. Donna's Home Place TN says:

    I've started studying the use of urine as fertilizer. I know the native Americans used it and it worked on most garden plants. I'm a good candidate for this since I'm not on medication and don't use a lot of salt in my diet. I found a list of the plants that thrived on the tea from this and have found the ratios but I know that there are other plants that need to have wood ash in the mixture. Do you know which ones that would be? Thanks for everything Danny! I'll be doing a test patch this spring.

  30. Grampy Campy says:

    I appreciate you soooooooo much!

  31. Gayle McArthur says:

    A good way to teach kids to forge would be to get them to make a plant identification book for their area. Pictures of plants, whether photo or drawn, descriptions of where they grow and what they are good for.

  32. Judith Brown says:

    Too true! My son is depending on books, instead of working with me. I am getting to teach my DIL and granddaughters how to preserve foods and to cook with them too!

  33. Linda Kiel says:

    When someone says they will grow their food if we have a LCE I don't think the realize they need to have more than a small garden to eat more than a fresh tomato or a pot of green beans every few days. It will take time to dig up a garden large enough to plant enough food for canning a years worth of food with just a shovel. I believe I have messed up not moving my garden last season. I have a hobby garden that has turned into a problem with weeds I can't get rid of. I let my husband convince me that the fencing around a garden in the pasture to keep the deer and elk out would cost to much money for the couple of years we would be here and that buying from a market or farmer would be better. It cost me a lot of money to can from purchased veg. it still cheaper than buying from a store but I like the price of seeds and my labor it comes out to even a better price! I think the wind here is going to knock the power out again! We just got it back yesterday and finally the internet last night hope it stays on!

  34. Roger Andrews says:

    Thats right and we thank you for sharing your knowledge

  35. Saddle Ridge says:

    You are right about hands on knowledge when foraging. Some plants are similar but one is toxic, spurge and purslane come to mind as an example. If you know someone who has years of hands on experience, grab that person and beg them to teach you! Chances are , they will be pleased to share their knowledge. Think out of the box in certain situations, learn to be a McGuyver. I keep all kinds of odd and ends of things and sooner or later , one of those things turns out to be just what I need for some project or other. Your local recycle center may let you 'forage' and I have pulled quite a few things from there that people have thrown away and I found and excellent use for.

  36. Simple Man says:

    Some people have the ability to think outside the box and some do not. And that's ok to a point. I have had multiple people ask me that if something was to happen, would I take them in to my homestead in exchange for work. Granted extra help would be a benefit, but I have 4 adult children that I know would come here as soon as an event happens. So my question is, when do you take care of others/strangers/? Family is a definite to me, but at a point, your land and supplies will be depleted. It's a terrible thought but people that know you can take care of them are going to start coming in hoards.

  37. Jim's In Town Gardening says:

    Greetings Danny from Maine. What you say is so truthful Preach it. I managed dairy farms here in Maine. I grew up learning gardening ideas from my dad. Now, I have learned other types of gardening methods from YouTube and I go to other channels doing the same thing and have learned. I purchased a buck and 2 doe rabbits last Saturday and I would bet I watched at least a hundred videos from others that are raising them so that I could pick and choose what I think my work for me and if that method doesn't then I have what someone else used. In the last few years I have been buying and saving heirloom seeds. God bless you and your family,

  38. Glen Okla says:

    Amazing porch time Danny! Thank you so very much! So very true about knowledge/wisdom. Also so very true about use it or loose it. I use to be able to stand on the hearth of the fireplace bend over and touch the floor without bending my knees. Like you I've had many injuries due to wrecks and sports injuries so arthritis is all in my body & spine. I also have a lot of other health problems but I'm not giving up. You hang in there too.

  39. David Anderson says:

    Thank you for making these types of videos.

  40. Linda Smith says:

    Harnessing a 17 yr old boy to teach him to cook is nigh on to impossible IF you say "come in here, I want to teach you to make biscuits". But, when he comes in the kitchen I ask something like "do you know how to make sour milk if you want buttermilk biscuits?" & that piques his curiosity. I show him that & that leads to showing him how to knead biscuit dough vs pizza dough (he works @ a pizza place). Then I have him cut them out & next thing he knows, he's having fun! Ya gotta be sneaky with kids these days. He's my grandson so I didn't have him when he was little. Trying to catch up.

  41. Susie Bosh says:

    You know I have 19 dogs and there's always at least half of them out side at any given time plus I take in boarders but you will never ever hear my dogs barking incessantly because if I can hear it in my house and it drives me crazy I'm not going to do it to my neighbors that's not to say I don't have neighbors that do that because I do besides the fact that their dogs run all over the neighborhood

  42. Wayne Leviner says:

    Thank you for this video, I need all the knowledge I can get, may GOD bless you !

  43. jan Penland says:

    Thanks Danny. You are absolutely right. Knowledge is power but that power is no good without the hands on experience. I've had so many people tell me they don't need books because they have the internet and books are outdated. I tell them the internet isn't going to do any good if they lose it. They then say that they'll just ask me and I tell them that I'll probably be too busy surviving myself to teach them anything so they better get to practicing the knowledge they are storing on their computer. I'll be glad to help them now when I have time but I'm not going to do it for them. They've got to get that hands on experience or they won't be able to make it. Much Love

  44. Stringfield Ridge Farm says:

    Glad you talked about soil samples- our soil was very good and composted well but starting to have problems so we need to do the soil sample just hadn’t thought about it in a long time. Thanks Danny for all you do to help us!!!

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