Kombucha and Jun, The Champagne of the Booch!

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I’m sharing with you today my process for fermenting tea to feed my kombucha SCOBY and her sister ferment Jun which is the champagne of the komucha world. I also discuss 2nd ferments and how to achieve the fizz! The exact ingredients I use are below.

Makes 1.5 Gal of Kombucha Tea:
1 1/2 c. white organic cane sugar
8 Organic Black Tea Bags
1.5 gal of filtered water

I will explain how to put them all together in the video!

To make 1 gal of Jun:
6 Organic Green Tea bags
1 C. Organic Local Honey
1 Gal. filtered water

This article is the article I read to learn how to convert a SCOBY for Kombucha over to a Jun SCOBY:

In this video I also discuss a bit about how I treat internal parasites in my goats with the Jun, ACV and Herbal Wormers.
I use Molly’s Herbal Wormers: http://www.fiascofarm.com/herbs/mollysherbals.php/categories/herbal-wormer
If you’d like to support our channel you can also use this herbal wormer we found on amazon that we have an order in for at no additional cost to you. We are pretty excited to try another formula as this summer we will be growing all the herbs to make our own and we think it will be great to see what we think about another type

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