Last Day Of The Worlds – Best ACTION SCI FI Movies -Hollywood NATURAL DISASTER Movie

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Last Day Of The Worlds – Best ACTION SCI FI Movies -Hollywood NATURAL DISASTER Movie
It’s tornadoes, hurricanes, electrical storms, and mass destruction as the effects of global warming brew into a super storm that threatens to rend the earth with an unprecedented power……………

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28 Responses

  1. Mitch Mabee says:

    40 min in and we're all dying from heavy wind, clown statues and George Washington stones and frogs. Easily the lowest production quality since The Chain saw mass. This film was edited by a ferret after 3 double espressos.

  2. brad starkey says:

    OmG a Movie Promoting Fema if or when a few major City's were to get hit or take a hit of sorts, they would go under ground and wait to see what or who was left.
    Bet on it no police no phone no help no water or food Crime in the streets!!! R U ready for some thing like that ???
    A Storm is Brewing…. if you the got eye's to see & the ears to hear?

  3. Casual Conversations says:

    Huh…interesting to see what you can do with a low budget but good actors.

  4. Mine Oz says:

    Australian HD Movies & TV Shows:

  5. MikeKye200 says:

    Is this a comedy?

  6. David Riley says:


  7. lynda renaud says:

    ''Show him your faith, send what you can!''……..As if! And yet, people believe that their salvation depends on parting with their money. If this was real life, they would be scrambling for ways to send their money as fast as possible….to those so-called representatives of God.
    These charlatans need an extra wing, just to house the staff counting the donations…from all their faithful followers.

  8. Liz in Wisconsin says:


  9. castletriglav says:

    Religious fanatics need to die. Very satisfying. Retards for Jeebus.

  10. castletriglav says:

    Al Gore said that the polar ice caps would melt by 2014 and that the east coast would be under water. Guess Al got it wrong. This is probably why his most recent film tanked. Even dems weren't stupid enough to shell out $$ for that piece of shit. Thanks for the chuckles, Al.

  11. castletriglav says:

    The idea of Shannen Doherty being crushed by a piece of a giant statue just gets me hard.

  12. jose raul rayotti says:

    Ya que suben una pelicula para latinoamerica, haganlo o subtitulado o traducido. Parece una burla.

  13. jordapen says:

    AGW is the scam of the century.

  14. Shahin Ahmed says:

    i have spend my time for watching this movie…..
    just to know how they will be the traitor. …by the way got so many messages from them……guys who does know the reality ….dont be panic….just wait for the king. ..hes coming to destroy all the evils they will do in the earth…

  15. zeba zeba says:

    3rd class movie

  16. Candace Garrett says:

    Ok seriously, it's lightening and people still decide to go up the Eiffle tower, even though, Hello, it's a tall metal building with absolutely no insulation from the lightening. Can you say big lightening rod people!

  17. Tanya Welsh says:

    Anyone else not care if d.c. was smashed? All i could think of was Trump's hair flying around =) >.> too mean?

  18. MotorFrost says:

    as the beer began to flow ?

  19. Charmell Harris says:

    That is a good movie.

  20. frank brown says:

    And just like that, America saves the world once again. Are the film makers trying to tell us all something ?. Like….there's always somebody with so much self interest, that they would willingly see the ordinary citizens get mangled and crushed so long as they can remain in power ?. So many disasters….so many shitheaps. Do we really have to wait for a calamity to bring out these self servers and show their true colours…or can we please just shoot them now, before things get more worse than normal ?. World about to end ?. Tell it to wait while I make another buck.

  21. Frankie Turner says:

    That was a cool movie too bad that doesn't really happen to DC and wipe it completely out and get rid of all those senators and everybody out and then we can start from scratch and get all new politicians cuz the ones we got now is just worthless

  22. Cat says:

    WOW look how all the white folks saved da day. ROFL

  23. reverse thrust says:

    Why do all made for TV movies have the shittiest video quality?

  24. Paul Forgette says:

    all you haters NEED TO GET A LIFE …IT'S A MOVIE….NOTHING MORE …get some popcorn ,and a beer , sit back and HAVE SOME FUN !!!jeez

  25. Stephen Barnes says:

    Good actors and actresses in a low buget movie ☹️

  26. Joe Ross says:

    Yea, the government is going to have the lizard people that live under the mountain pilot the anti-gravity ships to the 6th dimensional power spots around the earth, and use the weather control machines to bring about the new world order. I think they said it's next Tuesday.

  27. Stephen Barnes says:

    Nibiru is doing that ☹️

  28. Immortal SoFar says:

    You can always tell what Americans are really doing – the opposite of what's happening in their movies! Fema picking up the slack for the rest of the world? As IF!

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