Learning organic farming from Vietnam’s premier farmers

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We stayed with our new friends in Vietnam’s largest organic herb garden. Thanks to their tremendous hospitality we are learning about Vietnam’s both traditional, 300 year old and, paradoxically, cutting-edge organic farming practices.

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  1. Lorenza Arna says:

    Hi, I'm student currently working on a proposal for ideas on how to help farmers in rural areas in Vietnam switch to organic farming, to help reduce health risks associated with the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers (as well as to benefit from the many advantages of organic farming). I was therefore hoping you could help me get in contact with the people running this farm for information and advice, or if you would like to cooperate with me in this attempt. I was thinking a way to do it would be creating an educational documentary that features a success story, like this one, to show both the feasibility and advantages of organic farming. What do you think? Do you have any ideas/ suggestions that could aid me in my research and task? Thank you 🙂 

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