Living Simply in a Tiny Off-Grid Cabin

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Tom, Sarah, and their daughter Neesa live in a tiny 20sqm off-grid cabin on a property on the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand. Instead of paying rent, they share the work of looking after the land with the owners, and both families share in the farm’s abundant produce. We were inspired by how much happier they’ve found themselves by living with less.

Tom is a medical doctor and Sarah is an illustrator but both have chosen to reduce their work to almost nothing in order to have more time to focus on living well – a lifestyle choice that is more possible for many of us than we might think… until we really start thinking about it. This little 6-minute film has been one of our most popular to date – perhaps because it describes a lifestyle so many of us would love to be living.

This film was made as part of our Living the Change series. For this series we’re traveling around New Zealand making short documentary films about permaculture farms, tiny houses, and sustainability.


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20 Responses

  1. *adembasou* says:

    Love You Guys :)) <3 Bless in Eashoas' Name.

  2. Zuzana Špuntová says:

    I like the way theu look 😀 I mean, they look so happy, natural and very pretty, actually. And their living would be pretty but it needs little clean-up. But basicaly it´s lovely space and they have beautiful garden-landscape space.

  3. Lydia Avila says:

    Yes I do…

  4. Rashmi Kamath says:

    I have no idea what was said in the video.. I was too busy watching that adorable baby girl 🙂 <3 guess I have to watch it again to actually listen to them 😛

  5. Marcelo Pavés says:

    Excelente video 🙂

  6. Richards Family Adventures says:

    I’m trying so hard to get my husband on board on this! He’s so different over the last year, his job is just consuming him so much, he gets kinda shitty more and I know he’d love this life if he’d give it a shot! He believes we need so much money and everything, if we do this we will be living on family land! And I’d get to be closer to family and help my dad out on the land, he’s doing a farm, lumber yard, and a garden! He also just had a heart attack last year so I’d love to be closer to help out! And live on the land and make it work!

  7. Mohammad Atabikfaza says:

    Keluarga sederhana nan bahagia… Selamat!!!

  8. digitalsketchguy says:

    You are rich indeed. Mortgage free is what the bankers hate

  9. Azim Ali says:

    Amazing trasformation$
    Did you know your daughters name is also a chapters name in the Quràn?
    A great read when you have Time!☺

  10. Aspen Brooke says:

    Amazing… Many people are starting to see* what life is really about and it's not about how much stuff you can aquire. I should have said remember* instead. Thanks for posting.

  11. MsSassyMT says:

    This is great. They seem so happy.

  12. Mdhavan Raj says:

    The way you narrated your work and life am impressed..

  13. Londonfogey says:

    Good luck with finding a woman willing to live like that! He's struck gold by having a wife who supports the way he wants to live.

  14. deivamani my relaxsation says:

    You guys are really awsome and inspiring…love the way you handle the toddler…

  15. Don Jon Lon says:

    looks like a lot of healthy choices so far 🙂

  16. Foziah Ramli says:

    I love this couple….but being still young and in the best of health this concept of living is workable…..alas i m also from medical background but in my late 50's with health issues … i wished i could returned back the time and choose this way of life….blend with nature…no worries of materialistically wanting to own more and more….stress free …debt free ….able to enjoy a blissful sleep….eat healthily ….
    After all we were born not owning anything and eventually we will die and not going to bring anything to the grave ….

  17. Mahinul Islam says:

    So cute

  18. its me ready player one says:

    Both so in love …..
    Love to see that good luck and respect to you're choices .
    I recently seen a 4 bedroom house in London for
    45 million pounds…

    They made the right choice definitely

  19. Re-Used Muse says:

    Got to love a man who quotes Mary Oliver ❤️

  20. Gabrielle Budd says:

    you both are such beautiful people and a handsome couple and your baby it's such a bonding that draws a couple closer in this style of living… once lived in Vermont with my family we were younger then… Just like you those were the best years of my life and I was very close with nature and we had a huge vegetable garden… eventually my son Grew Older in my husband had another opportunity with work which brought us into the city and it changed our life not for the good I must say sadly… So the best years of my life when we were a family in a remote beautiful place called Vermont… stay true to one another you're both absolutely beautiful… You are on God's land… And may He watch over you always

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