Mac Sabbath “Pair-a-Buns” (Official Video)

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A Video by Mac Sabbath, PAIR-A-BUNS.

Filmed and Edited by: Jesus Rivera (Demonbabies)
Claymation Sequences by: Brad Uyeda
Song Recorded and Mixed by: Mark Donalds

Flexi-disc single/coloring book with sing-a-long available at:


Finish up that quarter pound
all that beef we have to find
Need to grow cows faster faster
Faster faster all the time

All day long we slaughter things
Trying to keep you satisfied
We use feed that grows a cow
or chicken twice than half its size

Can you help me?
Scratch the tumor on my brain?
Oh yeah!

We’ve found ways to feed cows scraps
of other cows that get left behind
Some go mad and some feel real
happiness and some go blind

Drink a coke and stooper size
your order and get extra fries
Happiness your child will feel
when he eats his crappy meal

And so as you hear these words
of our processed cows and birds
eat and drink and enjoy life
where you don’t need a fork or knife!

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42 Responses

  1. Der Kaiser says:

    I’m watching this while eating Burger King

  2. Bee H. says:

    so, who else could go for some nugs right now?

  3. Dillon Sawyer says:

    The video of them playing for Ozzy is awesome

  4. Benjamin Breeg says:

    Wicked ass vocals!

  5. DjGoldens says:

    I love it but whats with the Australian accent? Ozzy is from England.

  6. Dizziepunch Gaming says:

    A parody band of Sabbath that just made a mad cow disease reference? Now that's taking retro to a whole new level.

  7. Gavin Loves Loli says:

    Does Mac Sabbath have merchandise

  8. Atomic Animater says:

    That song could be a MacDonalds commercial.

  9. allfornaught0 says:

    It would be funnier if the singer could actually sing like Ozzy.

  10. Fartskin Stephenson says:

    This is awful.

  11. Derek williams says:

    Weird and awesome at the same time.

  12. Albert Stinnett says:

    Ozzy seen these guys and loved them. Different for sure.

  13. David McC666 says:

    This my new favorite band i the world.

  14. Bat gaming Bat owl says:

    Why does this exist

  15. Bat gaming Bat owl says:


  16. Cláudio Birnbaum says:

    Heavy food!

  17. Sean Jeanes says:

    No McRib?


    You guys need to tour with black sabbath and call is mac in black m/

  19. Block Dude says:

    Best tribute band!
    Ned flanders band gets second

  20. AlienGuy01 says:

    The lead singer sounds almost like Bon Scott from AC/DC

  21. tankdiggitydawg says:

    voice is more Johnny Rotten than Ozzy Osbourne

  22. JPW says:

    I knew Ronald McDonald was the Antichrist!

  23. domthecreative says:

    That was weird asf

  24. nacho73 says:

    Mcdonalds rocks

  25. Philippe Riopel says:

    Ozzy should have them on stage with him!

  26. megalithiumtom says:

    That was off the hook! FKNA!

  27. Brian Keller says:

    Please come to kansas city

  28. NERDCORE [Track Bangerz] says:

    you guys are my new favorite band! d[O_o]p I'd love for my band to open up for you guys!

  29. Charlotte Glover says:

    I think I will start a band and call it Burger King Crimson

  30. numbinthebrainz says:

    One more sleep till Mac Sabbath!!!

  31. texasrebeljd says:

    Mac Sabbath! Please come tour in Austin, Texas. Ya’ll rock!

    Now we just need a band called Taco Hell…lol

  32. Alexander Kiricko says:

    Clown Scary !

  33. Alfredo Vidalon Perez says:

    Ozzy wants a Big Mac

  34. Raiko Star says:

    Love you guys not sure why I just do

  35. Existence Is Everything says:

    I think I'm done with YouTube tonight.

  36. 2-D WHITE HAIR says:



    2 quarter pounders with cheese please………no pickles !

  38. Nicole Underwood says:

    Wow.. Awesome…

  39. Justin The Guitar Player says:

    Next year please come to heavy MTL

  40. Mr. Joe Walker says:

    These cats are wild!

  41. Redwind1 says:

    Do you need a new member I’ll be the O’ beast.

  42. Migatron1 says:

    We've found ways to feed cows scraps
    of other cows that get left behind
    Some go mad and some feel real
    happiness and some go blind

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