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Welcome back to Wine Time! In this episode we’ll be discussing Makeup Trend Predictions for 2019!

Predictions we made:
First brand to create 100 foundation shades
Increase in natural finish base products
Green & Cool Toned Eyeshadow
Multichrome Pigments
Glitter everything
Legitimate Holographic Makeup
Metallic & Glitter Lipsticks
Glitter & Metallic Mascara & Liners
Increase in Comfort Matte Liquid Lipsticks
Sparkly Highlighters
Travel/Capsule Eyeshadow Palettes
More celebrity & Influencer brands
Skincare infused makeup
Canabis related skincare & makeup
Large retailers releasing makeup brands
Annoying Instagram trends

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34 Responses

  1. Allison T. says:

    I'm 100% on board for more greens! I'm a natural redhead, and green is one of my favorite colors.

  2. Katie Louttit says:

    I think there will be a trend for winged eyeliner to come up from under the lower lash line either with colourful eyeliners or eyeshadows.

  3. Brook Sherman says:

    Fucking geniuses! Love this channel so much! Bring on the glittah!! Xx ✨

  4. levi0596 says:

    I wish we wouldn't see influencer collabs. I Just want do makeup companies to do their makeup. I won't mind if influencers do their own makeup though.

  5. holly golightly says:

    Speaking of glitter, I hope more products come out that are similar to the PML highlighter trio. The gold shade is the most beautiful thing ever.

  6. mellzbellz82 says:

    james charles will start his own line for sure

  7. Kittie Peters says:

    I've been waiting for greyscale and desaturated tones for ages!! I ended up having to build a custom inglot palette to do it. Y'all ever done that!? It's dang pricy!!!

  8. Justine Dyke says:

    Are Kat's eyes (shadow) two different colors? One looks brown and one looks olive green… Is it just me?

  9. Kai-Yan Lam says:

    Wayne Goss has been teasing his eyeshadow palette

  10. Tanesha Hays says:

    Yes, I want Glitter mascaras! I can't find any anymore and it makes me sad.

  11. Autumn clarke says:

    I think “glass skin” might be s big thing in 2019. I’ve seen quite a few people talking and posting about “glass skin” and Jeffery Star’s new highlighter (Sorry I’ve forgot the name.) Made him look like he had glass skin.

  12. Emily P says:

    You guys should try swatching a lemonhead glitter

  13. Nicole Tay says:

    I hope 2019 will have more cool toned bronzers. I hate all the orangey, brown ones. I love those Kevin Aucoin type bronzers.

  14. Jenn W says:

    It's not how MANY shades of foundation that matters, but how good a job they do on the shades themselves. Maybe by 2020 companies will get that.

  15. babyjanehudson88 says:

    im seeing a lot of palettes w tons of different finishes but like, very few mattes and its annoying because like i dont wanna buy a palette w matte ivory, 1 crease shade , a black and like 14 shimmers and glitters and duochromes because i just feel like its a lot of wasted space

  16. DN FI says:

    I don't honestly get the elitism in this video…such disdain for affordable make up. Not everyone can or even wants to spend that much on make up and affordable brands do come up with great products. I definitely have drugstore products that perform way better than the expensive crap I bought. I'm honestly sick of all the snobbery on some of the beauty channels and disappointed to find it here…I enjoyed your channel. But if you are going to start scoffing at the peasants that use Revlon and ruin trends for you…buh-bye!

  17. Choddle says:

    Yessss, I love Wine Time!

  18. mhuff86 says:

    Yes to colorful brow products. I want colored brow pencils and maybe some kind of sparkly brow gel. Make it happen. It would be amAzeballs

  19. Aqua sheep! says:

    I'm hoping cool tones will become a trend. Imo warm toned eyeshadows don't look good on most people (some rock it). I have pale skin, dark hair, hazel eyes, means that warm toned eyeshadows make me look weird. I'm so so sick of seeing another warm toned palette come out. I'm over the warm tones.

  20. Chrisnia Y says:

    I think James said he doesn’t wanna have his own brand. Maybe that was to throw us off

  21. Chrisnia Y says:

    One of my favorite highlighters that’s kinda sorta duo chrome is Spectra from the Anastasia Aurora Palette it’s looksgrey purple in the pan but it looks lavendar to pink on the skin

  22. Chrisnia Y says:

    I feel like I might be the one to keep my makeup in 2017-18
    I love full coverage matte skin and matte lips. I hated the metallic lips and idk why
    I also love red orange eyeshadow because it does with my skin. ( and hate greens in my skinbut will try it)
    But I would fuck with better glitter liners, multichrome liner
    And MULTICHROME HIGhHIGHTERS PLEASE COME HERE and a holo highlighter that could look good on my medium deep skin I’d be happy.

  23. Brightfox's Den says:

    A dewy foundation that holds up to oily skin? Yes, please! The closest I have to that is Physician's Formula The Healthy Foundation. It looks satiny, and it evens my skin tone without being full coverage. How does it do that? ~Anastacia in Cleveland, OH, USA

  24. Delicious Diner says:

    Since you're back to doing wine time, please do an updated q&a. Love your videos, just binged a ton of them!

  25. Meghan Barlow says:

    For green eyeshadow palettes, how do you feel about the jeffree star alien? Looking for something like you described with the army greens.

  26. boogrchic says:

    I need to say it…Shout out to Viseart for doing the capsule palette first with the theory palettes. And I would KILL for a stila multichrome magnificent metal!!! Soo excited….!!!!

  27. Anna DeBoover says:

    You should do an episode of the makeup breakup on those lemonhead glitters!

  28. Helene M says:

    I'd love to see sheer glossy lipsticks, like Nars did ages ago (I had the love devotion and it was perfect) and light coverage foundations this year. And comics are the best alternative to books!

  29. Mecha says:

    I’m quite excited for a Lady Gaga makeup brand

  30. Joanne Faysal says:

    I would love if you make a video at the end of 2019 to see how accurate your predictions are…I was thinking blues would be a trend in 2019… also I only have a dozen or so palettes and have a hard time using them all. I have set a goal of using a different palette every time I do my makeup to get use of them all.

  31. Allie Phelps says:

    I agree with “dupe”. I don’t think it should be legal anywhere. I live in the US and some states legalized it. I hate it. Where we vacation you can now freely smoke pot in public. We own a house there so it’s not as easy as just going to a new vacation destination. I don’t want me kids breathing in that shit. With all our the government is trying to do to stop people from smoking cigarettes because it’s unhealthy and causes cancer. Well breathing pot into your lungs is going to damage your lungs just as much as smoking a freaking cigarette and again I DONT WANT MY KIDS BREATHING THAT SHIT!!!!!!

  32. LaB says:

    I am here for the cool toned neutral palettes!!! I love neutral eye shadows but I am bored of the warm toned browns. I want something new in the neutral range. Milani and Anastasia already started the trend this year with neutral cool toned palettes and I am excited to see some more palettes.

  33. Ana Mafalda Gonçalves says:

    I think the biggest trend of them all in 2019 will be No-buy/Low-buy projects! I've been seeing them all over YouTube.

  34. Юлия Элизабет - I Don't Know Fam says:

    I am so here for most of these predictions. GIMME THE GREEN EYESHADOW. GIMME THE SPARKLY EVERYTHING.
    But to be honest, I think Jaclyn got her color stories right with the Vault. It really could have been amazing if it hadn't been such a colossal flop.
    As for the skincare-infused makeup, I work at an Estee Lauder outlet store and we have a foundation line called "Perfectionist" which is infused with the Estee Lauder treatment "Perfectionist". And let me tell you NO. ONE. buys it. I'm really hoping this trend takes off just so that we can get rid of it.

    EDIT: Can we please, please STOP doing so much contour and ridiculous-looking injections? And so much highlighter to the point that you look like you've just run a mile because you look sweaty as fuck? PLEASE. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. STOP.

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