Mark Shepard – Pioneer Agroforestry Farm Tour Video Series

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The Savanna Institute is excited to feature Mark Shepard of New Forest Farm in our Pioneer Agroforestry Farm Tour Video Series! Mark operates an edible woody crops nursery, Forest Agriculture Enterprises LLC, and is the author of the book “Restoration Agriculture”. Mark says that his goal is to convert his farm in southwest Wisconsin into a “perennial polyculture agroforestry system that mimics the oak savanna.”

Stay tuned for more videos from the Pioneer Agroforestry Farm Tour Video Series this winter!

Funding for this video was provided by the USDA North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Service (

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2 Responses

  1. Mark Shepard says:

    One of the best Mark Shepard videos ever! (of course I'm kind of biased since my name is Mark Shepard too! LOL)

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