Master Gardeners Dylan & Jaren’s organic farm Kauai Hawaii.MOV

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Raw footage of Dylan Strong and Jaren Ramsey’s organic farm on Kauai, Hawaii. This is raw footage of the promotional video for the project “Master Gardeners of Paradise” a proposed documentary feature about of the incredibly productive and sustainable organic farms of Kauai and the master gardeners who created them by Darrel Jarmusch director producer.

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4 Responses

  1. J. D.S says:

    Do you know if they host farm hands? I'm considering moving to Kauai and would like to learn and work on an organic farm. Appreciate any advice you might have.

  2. enigma24tool4you says:

    are you guys a part if WOOF. I would love to come down for a winter and help out. Let me know, thanks, Kyle.

  3. Darrel Lloyd Jarmusch says:

    @veramann Will do – next chance I get to film I will focus on the fruits and veggies – if you look at my other videos featuring Sun Hadley – you get more closeups of Sun's veggies.

  4. Roy Long says:

    We need to see the fruits and vegetables.

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