Multani Mitti – Fullers Earth Clay Mask for Clear and Spotless Skin

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PORE CLEANSING: multani mitti fullers earth is a pore cleaning cleanser for enlarged pores unclogging and cleansing pores making skin tight. It is an effective face cleanser for oily skin control treatment preventing acne scars and pimple breakouts

EXFOLIATOR-REMOVE DEAD SKIN & TOXINS: multani mitti powder a natural Indian healing earth mineral clay will exfoliate face, body and scalp eliminating impurities and toxins. This healing clay powder will remove dead skin leaving healthy skin and clear. It is an effective remedy against blackheads and whiteheads

NATURAL SKIN LIGHTENING & BRIGHTENING: a natural face brightener and skin lightener multani mitti clay will help to reduce blemishes scars and spots to rejuvenate skin leaving it soft smooth and radiant. COMPLEXION RESCUE: use as part of your natural face mask pack to leave complexion clean clear and glowing and best of all it is paraben and chemical free, no need ever for a facial mask containing preservatives. You will gain beautiful skin

HAIRCARE: multani mitti powder is not only for skincare but haircare too. It will cleanse scalp leaving not only a dandruff free healthy scalp but also shining hair. Your scalp and hair will be squeaky clean as multani mitti also works as a natural dry shampoo for hair but sulphate free

SUITABILITY: all skin (but avoid if you have extremely dry skin) and hair types.

VACUUM PACKED FOR FRESHNESS (which means product will be solid to the touch but soft when opened) IN RESEALABLE STANDING POUCH

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Translated titles:
Multani Mitti-Fullers Earth Clay Maske für klare und fleckenlose Haut

Multani Mitti-Masque Fullers Earth Clay pour peau claire et sans taches

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