My approach this year and hopefully ethical gardening!!

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Here I speak about my approach this year and how I intend to go about things.
Real seeds.
I speak about what I intend to grow this year and my hopefully ethical approach to the project.
I talk about a company called Real Seeds. I am purchasing.
Leaf beet perpetual spinach.
Fordhook Giant Chard.
Bennings Green Tint squash.
Verde Di Milano Courgette.
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9 Responses

  1. Bev Bond says:

    Just to let you know no I use this seed company. I have found them to be excellent quality and viability. They are absolutely in line with my ideas on veg gardening. Proper heritage varieties that we can conserve and pass on, and a company that seems to have a heart and soul and great ethics. Please support them everybody, I was so disappointed when the Organic Gardening company were absorbed by a big uber commercial company, we really must keep these guys going. It's so important for us and the planet. Happy Gardening, glad to see the way you are going.

  2. Nicholas Sans Pasty says:

    My Real Seeds packet arrived a few days ago, all sorts of stuff they're a really good company you always get plenty of seeds and good germination. I'm trying walking onions for the first time this year.

  3. My little bit of peace says:

    Some women gardener would be great πŸ™‚

  4. My little bit of peace says:

    I have slightly planned for this year (did it last year), but I need to clarify it again. Thanks for reminding me. πŸ™‚

  5. Patrick Meehan says:

    Sounds really good Dan

  6. wildchild554 says:

    I use that company, they are really good, have picked up their book on seed saving too, really helpful πŸ™‚

  7. Stuart Sidebotham says:

    Percy Thrower would be a good profile candidate… Also I've discovered your channel recently. Thoroughly enjoying it. I bought the same polytunnel as you… Aiming to erect it late Feb/early march

  8. Barry Cartwright says:

    im going to try grow some malabar red climbing spinach this year see how that goes

  9. Attila's Garden says:

    I second the gooseberry choice! I just love them, I am probably going to add a second variety to my garden

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