My Favourite Non-Toxic & Vegan Skin care Products

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Hey friends! Welcome to my channel! In today’s video, I share with you my favourite non-toxic and vegan beauty products for the month of November! I hope you enjoy :)!


Thank you a ton for always liking and commenting on my videos… you guys are superstars and I LOVE YOU!!!

Products Mentioned:

Collagen Boosting Serum:

Revitalizing Eye Gel:

Concrete jungle Nail Polish:

Liquid Chlorophyll:

Eucalyptus Himalayan Bath Salts:

Coffee Scrub:

Stress Remedy Body Wash:

Cinnamon Mint Lip Balm:

Natural Hair Detangler Spray:

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3 Responses

  1. Danni Osgood says:

    Those sound great! I think I will try the collagen booster! Thank you for sharing with us. <3

  2. Michael Ball says:

    Hello Maria,
    Thank you so much for uploading this short video clip. While it is true that I do not use make up, body wash or melatonin spray, I truly enjoyed watching this!
    I hate to trouble you Maria but I would be deeply touched if you would spare me a thought please as I've been going through a bard time now for a long while. I feel ought to give you an explanation Maria but hesitate about giving you too much information so to speak. Allow me to try and simplify the matter.
    As a teenager and throughout most of my twenties I assumed that I was gay. I was never happy, suffered the most acute anxieties and depressions and abused alcohol and drugs. Aged 28 I met a lovely, lovely lady who taught me how to practise yoga, my confidence soon improved and I went to live alone for the first time. A few days passed in my flat (apartment) when I felt lonely and had a deep desire to find a female companion to share my new home with.
    That was 2003, 15 years ago now. I moved into my flat in January. I did not have a physical relationship with a woman Maria. Instead my practise of yoga grew and I spent prolonged periods of solitude in my new home practising yoga. A deep spiritual relationship developed that spring between me and a lady I met briefly.
    My new found serenity did not last long and anxiety and depression returned to plague my life again. As that time was the only period as an adult when I had felt confident and been able to deal with depression effectively, I felt I had to repeat my success with yoga. I tried everything I could to repeat that success and made so many sacrifices in my attempts but I never managed to recapture that success.
    Earlier this year, during the summer, I stood on top of a motorway bridge at one o'clock in the morning, wondering if it was time to throw myself off. I could not make sense of life and how to find contentment. I am still adjusting to trying to live without yoga and repeating my success of 15 years ago. Please, please, please spare me a thought as I try my best to deal with a very awkward 'hand of cards to play' Maria. Thank you.

  3. Charlyn Hughes says:

    Thank you! SO yummy!!

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