My first Compost | Tips | Organic ways to rid ants | 2016

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I moved my compost to the side driveway and I encountered a bit of a issue, ANTS. Im sure they are no harm but if I let them continue they will take over so I used a few organic things around the house to combat them a little. These solutions are not fully effective but they will work. My next step is using hot HOT boiling water and also Food Grade DE Diatomaceous Earth which im sure will help me so i can enjoy my first composting piles.

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2 Responses

  1. Franklin Camillo says:

    That smell means it’s healig.

  2. Graystone Gardens says:

    great effort. fyi,that compost will only end up enough for like one plant. if you can,scratch up some pallets. get em screwed together and filler up. you only need 3-4 to start.

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