Native American Flutes – Forest Sounds – New Age

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Relaxing zen garden HD video and native american flutes with background forest sounds, relaxing music for sleep, relax, study, meditation and yoga background music.
Zen nature sounds from native american and forest – rainforest – with water sounds and new age zen music for sleeping and relaxing.
Calming forest sounds ( crickets, water, animals, jungle) and new age zen music for sleeping.

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37 Responses

  1. Willow Tree Center says:

    this is one of my favorites…love having it on for my clients during my Restorative Yoga w/ Reiki sessions.

  2. 小島信一 says:

    It's too cozy music so it's going to fall into an eternal sleep .
    The consciousness disappears soon .
    I'm not sure if it's a dream or a reality .

    Greeting from mysterious and exciting Japan

  3. HelloMotoXD says:


  4. مرتضى مبروك says:

    بس ركبت السماعات نمت اوكعدت هية بعدهي مشتغل اشكر الفنان الي اخرجه روعه

  5. Nana Zobon says:

    Thanks it good for are class

  6. notorious ly says:

    Our felines sit close to the speakers and look dazed when I play this phenomenal music.

  7. notorious ly says:

    I must remember that when I'm planning to go for a jog first be sure that I'm not listening to these ethereal instruments and rain all of which has placed me into a delicious stupor. Ciao Bella

  8. 1honeychild says:

    So peaceful.

  9. Devin Kirkman says:

    who made wHO go away!! old friend
    i think im a lil indian of crow who learned to fly in time to not miss the rest of it ! thx man ! another lost friend Yesterday!! jw so what his fam sayz no more so givin it time to heal to be ok w me so till me end of This day anyways
    John Scott im
    Devin Clark Kirkman
    original to this house of the rising suN
    noone knows better than me to keep on keepin on bro!
    love ya Brother John whoever u thought i am cuz it iz w i say it izzz c
    DCK b CN U no more what a waist bro im a great teacher n Scholar of many things !!!€€€
    you C Liven n Phx Rising SuN always gets it done 1 too or 4 mors i got a son g about it
    goez lik Dis
    phwaaa waaa waaa way to indian cxrow on the wY SUN bleeding my heart For # 1 now u c thx

  10. tessa le roux says:

    How can anyone dislike this music? It touches a persons soul. Beautifl

  11. Devin Kirkman says:

    me 3 stumbled in this cant resist this sweet flvor or finger lol ea his iwn who csrez rite in wrong to you but ne lil bit ch oosevisecn plz.?

  12. Desiree Couch says:

    I love it.

  13. Ben Richards says:

    Nice video but why don't you give credit to the artists playing the music?

  14. John Macleod says:

    This is so peaceful and relaxing to listen to,I feel as though I'll never have stress again.

  15. Chase Kiser says:

    Amazing to play it when you get ready to go to sleep puts me out in 10 to 15 or I’ll be up for 2 more hours if I don’t turn this on

  16. Miracles Happen says:

    Just wonderfully relaxing, I can feel my heart and mind quiet and stress just roll off of me like water from a duck. Thank you for this.

  17. KMARISHKA says:

    Thank you!

  18. Jake Mullins says:

    The house at 0:38 was absolutely terrifying in my sleep I thought something was in the house

  19. Haylee Perkins says:

    This all helped me sleep.

  20. mistita says:

    Gracias sol.

  21. APhoenixWithin says:

    That background synthesizer is ruining this…

  22. Amber Nicole says:

    Any way you can go back and shoot that bird and then re-record?

  23. jo smith says:

    dude stop with the subscribe button in the middle of the scene's

  24. Umut Öcalan says:


  25. Cleo Labella says:

    Thank you,thank you.I really hope the universe give you back what you are given to us

  26. Cleo Labella says:

    I'm a Libra and Ar sign, I'm a nature person I just love this video. This is the place that I have in my dream that I will live for the rest of my life.

  27. nelly van soelen says:


  28. Heimdall Lichtbringer says:

    <3 Namaste Yamura AUM <3 😉

  29. Eagledives says:

    The drumming sound is NOT relaxing at all, should be edit it out

  30. Jered Rudge says:

    this is so relaxing

  31. get7025 says:

    Below the smoky skies, cottage embraced by the shoreline, she hears your footsteps and looks up, greeting you with her deep love smile, and you know you are home.

  32. Miramystic says:

    Beautiful combo of instruments…love the slow soft drone of synthesizer behind the flute. water. Drums cd be a bit softer imo. I use while doing massage for clients.

  33. Angel oath says:

    Little men and women so blue.

  34. Greg Jay says:

    This is the best track ever, I love the synth drums and flute perfect.

  35. Bozidar Zivancevic says:

    Ova muzika u meni budi pra iskonski osećaj i stanje potpunog mira i samoće koja tada prija svim mojim čulima.Fantastično.

  36. Michel Manzullino says:

    Impeccable pour évacuer le stress

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