Natural farming at its best I Prof Shivananjaiah Balekayi

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Prof. Shivananjaiah Balekayi is a retired professor of Philosophy. He got into agriculture in the year 1980.

Having followed chemical based – scientific method of farming, Prof. Shivananjaiah quickly understood the negative outcomes of such methods.

‘Fukuoka’s ‘One Straw Revolution’ helped me quit every other method I followed earlier and jump into Natural ways…’ says, 75 year old Professor.

Today, he is the proud owner of 15 acre farm in JC Pura, near Chikkanayakanahalli, Tumkur district.

His son, a software engineer by profession quit his job at a very early stage itself. He has joined his father few years ago…

Prof. Shivananjaiah conducts training sessions for interested people at his farm in J C Pura

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6 Responses

  1. Thimaraddy Thimaraddy says:

    Sir nimmatha samajadha cream layer jaasthi. Jana krushige bandhare krushi yalli badalaavane saadya illadiddalli siddaramaiah na akki baagya uoota maadi harali kattege malagi niddhe maaduvavare jaasthi

  2. Poornachandra Tejasvi says:

    Wonderfully explained sir. Hatsoff. I want to be a farmer, your experience based speech is my inspiration.

  3. Sameer Patil says:

    Can u Plz share the contact details of Mr Shivananjaiah Balekayi. I would like to visit his farm.

  4. shashi dhara says:

    Ondu hullina kranthi book egalu sikkuttha?

  5. Mahantesh Karadi says:

    rasayana xplen pliz

  6. Rachan L.R says:

    could u pls share me ur contact no sir

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