Natural Tick Control | Cedar Oil and Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

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An exterminator wanted to charge me hundreds for natural, eco-friendly tick control. So, instead I bought a cedar oil based liquid spray and Diatomaceous Earth to help kill and control ticks in our lawn and around our yard.

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7 Responses

  1. Red Richard says:

    mix 1tsp clove oil+2Tblsp neem oil+2Tblsp Dr bronner Sal Suds per gal water ,spray infested area

  2. ken wood says:

    you might start by dumping out the green water that left in the buckets ..really ????

  3. Elizabeth Greene says:

    How did the wondercide work?

  4. J Neusbaum says:

    Pool Grade DE does not work for insect/pest control. it is crystallized. Regular DE from a garden store works great. DE is cheap to buy if you can find it in big bags. 50 pound bags can be found for as little as 20.00. Hope this helps.

  5. Matt Stanich says:

    any updates and are you in the Northeast?

  6. Danny Boel says:

    an android haha, do you read "questionable content?" ( it's a webcomic with androids) success with the War on Ticks, I've seen scary stories about tickbites that go unnoticed…

  7. TrollForge says:

    Lets hope that works just tick-ety boo… πŸ˜‰

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