Natural Treatment for Depression Explained – Naicin B3 – Food Matters

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25 Responses

  1. Radar120155 says:

    Niacin or Niacin amide ? 3000mg is a lot of Niacin !

  2. Erin Tramill says:

    How soon after starting megadosing and nutrition will I see a difference in my depression? Three days ago I started taking large doses of niacin.

  3. Lee Werlinger says:

    I took it for my high triglysorides. I have always been stressed from work and worrying about stupid stuff. After taking niacin omg, it’s all gone, I’m like a new stress, high anxiety free person! Awsome stuff

  4. shweta borkhataria says:

    I am here to tell you that I just read your notes on Google and I love it. About psoriasis. You are more than physician.

  5. Luke Enno says:

    Niacin is spelled wrong in the header. This story convinced me to up my dose of niacin. Most people are anxious or depressed at one time or another. Niacin is transformative. A natural mineral given to us by God to help our bodies heal and think straight.

  6. Ro SJ says:

    Hello fellow youtubers. I need some advice. My mom (age 52 now) was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2010. I actually dont remember if she had schizophrenia before that as well but my earliest experience with her psychotic episodes started in 2010. She has been taking Risperdal since then. She also took zyprexa and abilify in between but Risperdal suits her better. She takes 9mg Risperdone daily. She still hears voices (auditory hallucinations) 24×7 and sleeps all day and is not at all motivated to do any basic activities like brushing, bathing, etc. In her auditory hallucinations, she hears her sisters and brothers and many other family members. She laughs and cries sometimes while talking to herself. I asked her if she believes that those voices are actually true and she said "Yes those voices are real". Everytime she thinks, it’s like she is having a conversation with someone. I asked her whether she calls the voices in her head or they come on their own and she replied that they just come on their own. She says that someone she hasn't met for 30 years in real physical life asks her for money in her mind and troubles her alot. She used to believe that someone enters our house at night when we are sleeping and steals our stuff. She believes in all of this even when on medicines.

    She has gained alot of weight since starting the antipsychotic medicines and also takes Thyroxine medicine in the mornings for her thyroid. She also had a tumor in her uterus bcoz of which she had her uterus + ovaries removed around 2010 itself (she was 44-45 that time). The removal of ovaries also may cause Depression and anxiety. Since I was a child, My mom used to doubt, suspect and mistrust alot before her psychotic episodes started as well. But she was very beautiful & intelligent and was a friendly teacher who the students and their parents loved a lot. I have provided as much history as possible….

    The bottomline is that she has schizophrenia now and is overweight and 9mg risperdone per day isn't helping alot… I have found out from google and youtube videos about Niacin and i think i will definitely try them out. Does anyone have any advices for me on how to start her dosage of Niacin? I hope Niacin is the way to her recovery. And if it makes her better, i think I might try to reduce the dosage of risperdone and bring it to complete stop. Any advices will be very appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Amanda Dangerfield says:

    Can you correct the spelling of Niacin in the title? 🙂

  8. M P says:

    You can not buy vitamin B3 anywhere in Croatia because "it is not registered"
    Don't think so

  9. Craig Conway says:

    11,500 mg per day 🙂

  10. Wendy Baker says:

    It need to be closed caption or subtitle please

  11. Amna Awad says:

    What brand do you suggest???

  12. Natty Guy says:

    That is A LOT OF niacin. Bet she looked like a cherry. I can barely handle 1000

  13. edith paipay niño de guzman says:

    Por favor alguien que me traduzca el video al español.

  14. Gunz Fanatic says:

    there is a possible side effect not mentioned. It seems the flush is a reaction caused by releasing histamine, and high levels of histamine are associated with hair loss. Can we confirm that high dose of B3 may produce baldness? thank you

  15. Mickey Winters says:

    If I took 11,500mg of niacin I would be in the hospital with exploded veins and arteries. 50mg gives me a niacin flush to the point it's annoying and scary.

  16. joe bombay says:

    Should I split niacin up throughout the day or take it all in a large dose?

  17. Ms Sab says:

    Plz reply

  18. pinamia1 says:

    Niacin not Naicin.

  19. Udayam Uzhavar Kuzhu says:

    Hi Saul, I am Uday from Chennai, India. My is suffering from schizophrenia for the past 4 years and was taking antipsychotic medicines without no cure. Now she is off from all medicines for the past 6 months. Can you tell me how can I get your medicines.

  20. Who AreYou says:

    I have bipolar disorder (and other mental health issues), and since the beginning of this year I have changed my diet to 80% raw vegan. In that time, my overall health has improved, but the most noticeable thing for me has been the massive improvement in my mental health. My psych and I have been able to almost halve the amount of drugs I was taking (and it was a LOT), and I have now started taking a niacin supplement too. I've started off at 500mg and will see how things progress. But, given the fact that my mental health is becoming increasingly stable, I can start to believe that it may be possible for me to become medication free in the future. And, for me, that would be the most wonderful thing. I am more than aware of how dangerous psych meds are to your body. I have to say that they have prevented me from killing myself several times, but whether I would have reached that point had my diet been the same as it is now is impossible to say. However, based on the evidence of the last 8 months, I think I would tentatively say that I may never have been so seriously ill had I really known just how much difference a radical change in diet could make. I am 49 next month, and I am determined that I will NOT be that 50 year old woman staring at walls and cutting herself due to mental and emotional distress. I've been there, and I'm not going back.

  21. Psy Lee says:

    Is this Andrew Saul?

  22. J Kemp says:

    he my name is melanie and i have a doughter who has borderline. Could it be someting for her ?

  23. Tonya Sullivan says:

    Dr. Saul, You have a new fan, I've worked as a nurse and I know you're reporting the truth. Thanks so much.

  24. Eli Aleiba says:

    so how can you get niacin? UK wise.

  25. Soteria Charis says:

    How in the world could a person take so much niacin and not be in a permenant state of flush???

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