New Ways to Grow Food

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CBN’s Operation Blessing brings sustainable gardening to a Guatemalan community, giving them food and hope for the future

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9 Responses

  1. Eddie Leong says:

    Wonderful. I have passed this link to a young Rwandan agriculture graduate.

  2. israel reborn says:


  3. Benjamin Garcia says:


  4. Gail Cutting says:

    Would this work in African dry plateau areas?

  5. 水耕豐作 says:

    what's new ways? do you have?

  6. Trev's Outback and Gold Adventures says:

    Excellent work being done there.How about pest control ? What pests are you encountering and what measures are taken to control them ? Thanks,Trevor.

  7. reynald bonilla says:

    Very innovative system..thanks for sharing us…

  8. Israel J. Guzman Sobarzo says:

    Hermoso…. Bendecidos para Bendecir!!!!

  9. Maria Morales says:

    This is an excellent example of the rural farming where the people use their time and creativity to be productive.  I hope all people who live in the provinces will do the same.

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