November Snow Garden – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 853

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See More Garden Goodies: – – – Our November snow garden looks more closely at the plant texture that remains now that winter has arrived. For those of us who live in cold climates we still appreciate the variation of muted colors, textures and plants that survive and thrive while we human bundle up to stay warm. This was the first fall we didn’t put out signs for bagged grass clippings and leaf mulch. Yet several neighbors still delivered them to our garden. Come spring we should be graced with some rich compost. And in a couple of months we can begin pruning and trimming trees, bushes and plants while dormant and not as susceptible to disease thanks to the cold temperatures of winter. It’s also time to start going through a variety of seed catalogs looking for heirloom plants to add to next year’s garden. Join us as we talk a quick walk-a-bout around our Wisconsin garden.

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23 Responses

  1. Patty Miller says:

    Enjoy your podcast! Can’t wait until spring!

  2. Connie says:

    Thank you for allowing me to garden vicariously through your videos. I am in a condo in Pewaukee, so my "gardening" is limited to some pots on a small patio and front porch. Thanks for all the wonderful videos!

  3. flower me says:

    Hello lynn and Richard , I just found your youtube and love hearing you and hubby sharing and teaching what your all know. You all explain things so clear and positive.

  4. Joshua Parson says:

    I love your dusting snow covers do you still have it.

  5. Keepingourhome says:

    Happy December! I must ask, do you have any videos on your bird(s)? I didn't see a playlist on them. Love, love your cozy home, made, I'm sure, even more so with the exterior upgrades. Have a wonderful winter season, and thank you for your videos.

  6. dot thomas says:

    Hot chocolate is always a good idea Nice tour of your garden Here in the North East we are covered in snow also with out power for over 12 hours with a lot of tree damage Like your cockatiel in the background I had one for 10 years Have a great DEC

  7. Cathy Jackson says:

    I am sharing your Video …for my Wisconsin friends and family . Thank both of you for your video .

  8. Isa Bowie says:

    I have a lot of house plants also I have been making Christmas decorations for grandchildren that has been keeping me busy with not getting out to garden.

  9. Isa Bowie says:

    Loved it all so wonderful

  10. Nelda Hargo says:

    That's a Turnzinta. You have to wait till it blooms to see what it turns into.

  11. Sue proffitt says:

    I enjoyed your tour. You looked cold. Tomorrow in Ohio it will be 64.My boyfriend and I will be outside on his 4 acre mini farm walking around planning on what to do next spring. We sit and go through seed catalogs and look for different plants to try. I will be 67 tomorrow and the body is wearing out. Having hip problems from 40 yrs of gardening. Hope to work through it before next spring. Winter is nice but rather be outside digging in dirt. Stay warm.

  12. Bernie Sully says:

    You have a pretty Christmas tree and love the bird in the background Merry Christmas

  13. Barbara van Eldijk Bouwens says:

    Hello you little lovebirds! Greatings from the Netherlands again. Sadly we didnt get the snow here but hey, winter has just arrived the corner, so maybeeeee we will get some later in Jan. or Feb. About all the sweet deer and bunny's in the garden; why dont you guys put a wildcam with batteries in the garden and show us some of these lovely critters in the next vid? 😉

  14. Laurie bosworth says:

    Hello lovely couple…I just love your videos and your garden is Beautiful…I'm in MA and we've had some snow also, feels very early to have it now…You talk about the tomato berry plant and if you could let me know where I might get one I would truly appreciate it…Thank you and God bless

  15. Margie Schaecher says:

    I always enjoy your videos …and I too am looking forward to getting more seed catalogues in the mail (they are my version of 'toy' catalogues). LOL I love that you also leave lots of your perennials and grasses stand through the winter, so do I (at least until late February or early March). Next gardening season my plan is to have more raised beds that will contain both veggies and flowers. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas… stay warm and healthy!

  16. Jackie Horsley says:

    enjoyed your winter garden tour Lynn. I hope you and your family are doing well and that you had a good thanks giving. I look for ward to more garden videos In the spring enjoy the rest of your holiday season that's coming up soon

  17. Mel Solomon says:

    Im sure you know about my favorite Heirloom seed company. Backer Creek Seeds or

  18. Square Penny says:

    Hi Lynn and Richard. This is Faith. Beautiful Christmas tree. I loved your video…you had me laughing! I remember when my mom was still alive she would feed the birds. She loved the chickadees! She would get so angry with the squirrels when they would eat the bird food. She would sit out on the porch and guard the bird-feeder, only putting food in it when she could be out there to guard it. Then she would call the chickadees and they would come and eat the seeds. I hope you both have a beautiful Christmas with your family.

  19. Joann Yelton says:

    What a nice tour. Have fun with your guests. Love your porch decorations, and your inside tree. Looks beautiful. I have mine all finished and the gifts are wrapped and under the tree. our kitty Jack keeps getting at the bows and pulling them off .lol. You could share some hot chocolate you know!!! Can't wait till planting time again, to see what you two come up with this year. Love and blessings. JoAnn

  20. my permaculture garden says:

    >>. Ahh Lynn, I just love the way you talk about habitat for little critters !!!! Please go and watch ( Bealtaine Cottage ) It is about an Irish lady < Colette O'Neal > who has the most beautiful garden…. She talks like you about the habitat for little critters…. You will fall in love with her accent ! your channel is just so pleasurable to watch !

  21. Kathy Ryan says:

    Here in central new york we got 10 inches of snow tues, wed…then rain sat and sunday…crazy november!

  22. Amber Sepulvado says:

    Snow!!!! One day, I will get to see real snow! It looks so cozy there! 74 degrees here in Texas today! Lol. But an early frost has already taken alot of the foliage off of my plants! But Christmas decorations are replacing them for now!

  23. Kathy Ryan says:

    Could you do a video on montauk daisies? I would like to know all about them…each week you could do a video on your favorite flowers and veggies because we miss you in the winter…TFS

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