NPK-University Organic Biostimulants With Harley Smith

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STARTS JAN 22nd, 2019! (link below)

We also offer 14 different pre-recorded video classes individually, in bundles, and as the full course – at:
Base nutrients provide all of the essential elements that plants need, but organic bio-stimulants help with the uptake of nutrients. This class will teach you how to use organic bio-stimulants to improve the nutritional value of food, while increasing a plant’s natural resistance to pests and disease. Even advanced growers will benefit from this in-depth class.

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42 Responses

  1. NPK Industries says:

    * NEW NPK-University Master Grower Short Course!!! 12 weeks of
    classes, expanded subject material and topics. Classes are capped at 50
    paid registrants per 12 week session. View list of classes and
    reserve your spot here:

  2. Harold Porter says:

    Thank you mr Harley.

  3. james jezinvedn says:

    Finally…Someone that knows what they are talking about,so many videos of folk who don't really "know" but rather relay information than speak from a lifetime of knowledge .Much obliged to you sir .

  4. KuwNova says:

    organic fish fertilizer work like amino acid ? because its organic matter ?

  5. delosombres says:

    This man is made of pure gold.

  6. Janne Tranberg says:

    Really, i love this guy! I learn from him so much, and like me, you can see,that growing plants and understanding them is his real passion! God bless, mr.Smith, keep up excellent work!

  7. Nurse Dan says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I love the RAW products.

  8. predjee says:

    hi where can i find the previous video?

  9. Michael Vonschoech says:

    I love all of npk raw products and this information is so good I've learned alot from harley

  10. Samuel Rhonkounh says:

    Hey I bought some omina online, is it suppose to smell kinda like rotten milk? And is it safe to use during bloom? Since it's 14 percent nitrogen, and what's the difference between omina and the newer product aminos?

  11. DicNanagins The Great says:

    Have you created your own nutrient line?

  12. Ivan Quin says:

    Excellent lecture, and knowledge. Snazzy sideburns too ! Thanks, and respect…….Seven Thunders///////

  13. Mr.0G 13 says:

    I gotta say Dr. Harley,You are the man! Thank you for your education videos.There is soo much to learn for these videos i watch them over and over.Thank you very much and keep teaching us.God Bless

  14. DaOPhETKaH says:

    This is great, thank you.

  15. Mikes Craftsman says:


  16. Joe Quan says:

    Thank you for being you Harley! sooooo valuable

  17. Amjad Alsehnawi says:

    There is a page on Facebook thank you…..
    Me email
    [email protected]

  18. Alpha O Anderson says:

    Harley, in my world you are
    "Farmer Green Jeans" (a massive leap from Mr. Green Jeans) Stay Strong my brother!!! And thank you for everything you are doing, in you my faith in a beautiful future is restored!!! MUAH


    excuse me an invention is property harley
    free for who loosers taht dont do any work?
    slob computer fat bitches steal your ideas sell them t o competitors

  20. Chazzmo says:

    Thanks for the free knowledge. It's cool that you're actually trying to get the info out there without just pushing your product the whole time

  21. Rez Sublime says:

    You Rock buddy , I hate scraping off the Calcium off of the plastic .

  22. Duffy says:

    Thanks for the great info! I wish I had found these videos sooner!

  23. TheAmericanOne says:

    Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  24. Carl Kennedy says:

    Hi harley wots best way to get rid of root aphids most pestsides are for spraying and its giveing my plants yellow dead leaf :-/ I have cal-mag and rhizotonic amd cannazym if they would help

  25. Lewis Maker says:

    Absolutely an excellent presentation. I will do greater in 2018.

  26. justlookin251116 says:

    Harley….wow thank you for sharing and taking time to teach

  27. Lewis Maker says:

    Harley Smith. Absolutely Excellent Presentation sir. You are hereby awarded a Doctorate in anything you desire.

  28. Anton says:

    Good job! Many thanks very impressive work.

  29. Intin Para says:

    Feedback to NPK ABOUT packaging. You guys should put your powders into another manufactors pouch!!! Even in store shelf they start to go into hard rocks instead of nice powder. example yacca and cane molasses go hard as a ROCK if there goes even a little moisture inside. Omina just glumbs up, doesn't go hard as a rock. Almoust every product you have doesn't keep the original form specially after opening the pouch. After opening your pouches 1st time they are NOT air tight anymore and i have my doubts about the package itself that they leak air even unopened. Maybe big temperature differences makes some of your products act like that?
    Sorry my bad English but i think i got my point trough about your packaging. Your products rock! Thanks!

  30. Intin Para says:

    Personal big thanks to Mr.Harley Smith! I have watched all your videos multiple times and i always learn new or i have forgot something. I saw your videos 1st time on another channel (edit:GrowGreenerGuru was the channel) back when NPK didn't had these up, honestly can't remember NPK having Youtube channel at all. Love that mentality that knowledge should be shared free. Love that RAW nutrients are in powder form and super CHEAP to use. ✌ from Finland.



  32. الفهد الأسود says:

    Thank you very much Dr.Harley ..
    am wondering about the method that we can use and dosing for Amino Acid with Calcium and Kelp extract and Humic Acid in soil and soilles growing
    Thank you again

  33. Edward Pelletier says:

    I grow in coco , recirculating reservoir and 1500 watts led also could be cal/mag?

  34. Edward Pelletier says:

    I have the bottom of my plants dying all bottom leaves are falling off ,I'm thinking overwatering or ph please help

  35. tangobayus says:

    This is fabulous information that can transform your gardening.

  36. Jacob Pasino says:

    just amazing

  37. Justin L says:

    100% agree that knowledge should never be proprietary.

  38. lee camp says:

    Very good videos..Too much indoor for me taste…but perfect format.

  39. Edward Pelletier says:

    Are there any other ways of adjusting ppm on my tap water it's 335 other than r/o? Do I just add on top of the 335? I'm growing hydrophonic

  40. jgp 1866 says:

    Hi I bought a small pkg of your amino acids and when I opened it up it was very caked and hard. I was able to break it up and dissolve it in water but is this normal or did I get some that was exposed to moisture? The bag was unopened and sealed.

  41. justin g says:

    very true about the knowledge should be shared! not hidding modified and sold… like the history of libraries around the world.

  42. NightWaves says:

    Good show Harley.

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