Nutrition & Diets : Reasons to Eat Organic Foods

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Eating organic foods is important in order to minimize the unnecessary toxins that are present on non-organic produce, which is caused by pesticides and growth hormones. Find organic foods whenever possible with health information from a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist in this free video on healthy eating.

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5 Responses

  1. Ultralight Fishermen says:

    Organic foods a still use pesticides and still have chemicals in them

  2. Breanna Smith says:

    organic foods and conventional food only have a 17% difference in ingredients when it comes to antioxidants which I think is not worth triple the price. Organic food is sooo expensive, but are they even worth the price? Most of the research I saw showed me that organic foods only have slight differences when it comes to conventional foods. So is it worth the price? I say no, but I'm not criticizing your diet lifestyle, I'm just saying you can spend hundreds of dollars on organic food when the conventional foods are almost identical to the organic foods. Also, some organic foods are marked as organic but sometimes it doesn't turn out to be organic. I know it sounds confusing, but its just a marketing tactic. in conclusion, it is not worth your money or time shopping with organic foods. go to this link to understand what I'm saying, Lisa Cimperman will explain (

  3. Remington Mcneese says:

    You can learn how to incrase your wellness from Woo&Pep.

  4. Terri Sims says:

    Thanks for this vid!

  5. Kat Eats says:

    I agree completly. I'm trying to start eating organic but its so difficult to find affordable organic food. its all seems so expensive. Could you do a video on how to go organic but still save money? I love you! and i subscribed 🙂

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