OMG, Michelle’s RawFoodz Dressings are Great to Drink Too!

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Michelle’s RawFoods was at Toronto’s Veg Food Fest to showcase their spectacular line of products that will enhance the flavours of your dishes.

One of their newest products is the Organic Japanese Joy Dressing made with super clean ingredients, and, like all their other dressings, it’s never cooked! Once you taste it, you’ll instantly fall in love with this sesame-based dressing and marinade. People have been discovering how good the Japanese Joy Dressing is to drink on its own! This is how pure and delicious it really is!

Their philosophy is simple: Pour good on good. You want to use a dressing that’s full of goodness and fresh tasting. Why not dress your veggies with the best?

The Michelle’s RawFoods team want others to dig into the awesomeness of vegetables and make raw foods as interesting and tasty as possible with their line of sauces, dips and dressings.

Always Organic & Vegan.

For more info:

Michelle’s RawFoods

Veg Food Fest at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto on Sept 7–9, 2018

Interview and Video by Mark.S / handshakeguymedia for Canadian Foodies

Description by Michael Yee

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