Orgain Organic Superfoods Powder

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Our Organic Superfoods Powder contains 50 organic superfoods in every scoop, including organic greens and organic fruits and veggies; 5 billion probiotics; 7g organic fiber and no sugar added! Not only is our Organic Superfoods Powder super quick and easy to use for smoothies and other recipes, but it is available in delicious original and berry flavors! Visit for nutritional facts, more info on ingredients or to buy.

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18 Responses

  1. Erica Hensley says:

    Love this video!!!!!

  2. cherrycoke789 says:

    Do you guys process these ingredients in a way that they will all be easily absorbed by our gut bacteria? You can stuff 100 different superfoods in a drink if you want but if the bioavailability isn't there you'll just piss it out.

  3. LL B says:

    Is this good to use on while on the Ketogenic diet/while on ketosis?

  4. Kule_kule Dawson says:


  5. Joel Camacho says:

    just bought my by one get one free and the berry one is great

  6. Revelation3 verses7 to the 12 aka Jah Philly kine says:

    best amazon review ever!!!!…the kid and the mom…a dick sandwhich!!!…hahahahaha….that alone sold me!!!!

  7. wildman solow says:

    Absolutely nasty

  8. Martin Jr says:

    Wow this product is amazing!

  9. Nerissa298 says:

    Hi Andrew….I have been religiously following Jessica Arevalo & GG . Every day, I look forward to their vlogs as they are informative, inspirational, real and genuine people. Jessica &GG vlogged today about your products and I am ready to trek to the nearest Sprouts tomorrow to try your products for my overall health and weight loss.

  10. BNKNEAST says:

    what's the best thing besides water to mix it with?

  11. Luzsoraida Figueroa says:

    love it yummy

  12. The brodas xy says:

    is it a meal replacement

  13. xSMACKINx says:

    great product I drink it everyday with lemonade. Tastes great!

  14. Ms Kimlo says:

    I just bought the superfoods powder at sprouts two weeks ago. My family and I love it. I drink it twice a day. I love the way it taste too. I can't wait to try your other products.

  15. Incognito says:

    Does this make you gain weight or its just a drink?

  16. Josh says:

    nice thanks

  17. REZX SXUNDS • says:

    quick question I just bought a purely organic protein powder from Walmart but I have been searching about it online and I can't find anything isn't that spuky now why dose the purely organic bottle looks like orgain bottle ? I feel slot saver with the review in orgain !

  18. Dennis Barnes says:

    I bought this product today, it is absolutely delicious.

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