Organic Dinner for Under $1.00!!!

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This is a simple dish that I made from scratch that is 100% organic, kid tested and kid approved. A delicious homemade black bean chili with 1/3 pound of grass-fed beef served on top of an organic baked potato with a little cheese on top is tasty, healthful and easy to prepare.
3 Pounds of Organic Potatoes $1.99 cents
1 cup of dried black beans .50 cents
1/2 can of organic stewed tomatoes $1.0
2 TBL of organic tomato paste .50 Cents
1/4 of a large onion .20 cents
chili pepper, garlic, salt, pepper, and cumin .25 cents.
Kroger Sharp Cheddar 1/4 a block $1.0
Total cost $5.19 Cents
Serves 6 people 87 Cent per person!!!!!!!
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